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Advice for evaluating L20b...or any used engine?

18 September 2017 - 09:50 AM

Hello Ratsuners,


I searched for some pointers to help me evaluate a used engine I might be considering. Couldn't find much so thought I'd put this out there to the masses & see what consensus is.


There's an L20b available that's local to me. Owner said he bought it 25 yrs ago from a guy that said it "wouldn't stop leaking" & he'd "changed the head gasket  but didn't have the gasket properly aligned where the timing chain goes through". The guy who has it now said he'd "popped the head off & found the problem".


At the time, this guy had a 510 with an SSS L18 & didn't need the L20b so it sat.


Fast forward to 8 yrs ago. This guy sold his 510 & drives Fiat Spiders now. He has a decent set of 510 bumpers, a splash pan, a couple of decent front grilles...& the L20b left over from his Datsun days that he's looking to get rid of.


How can I determine the condition of the L20b if it isn't installed, hasn't run in decades & was passed down from a guy to another guy with only his word regarding its condition? Is this even possible?


I know he's motivated to get rid of this stuff & seems as though making money is not a big priority for him. Even if I got it for free...would it be worth hauling it & storing it? My crazy Datsunitis disease says "well of course it's worth it...it's a Datsun part..y'never know" but my level-headed, practical side says...eh, hold up there gal...seek wisdom from Ratsun before doing anything foolish.


Opinions/advice requested & welcome.





Don't fall for it...

10 September 2017 - 06:04 PM


Buried in your Datsun or bequeathed?

04 August 2017 - 12:11 PM

Hey, so just curious... when you die or become incapacitated... What will you do with your Datsun? I'm a Hospice counselor so these morbid thoughts are not foreign to me. People have a multitude of last wishes & specific requests to be carried out when they go. So, in regards to your Datsun... what's yours?

Air Conditioning help...R12 to R134a adaptor or?

19 June 2017 - 04:16 PM

Hello all,


I tried to search for info on this topic but didn't find much. Hoping someone can help point me in the right direction.


I've got a '71 510 Wagon that came with A/C installed. We disconnected/cut hoses when I swapped in another L16 & I have the parts in storage. I live in Atascadero, CA where the temps have been in the mid 90's and even up to 106*


So, long story short, I'm sticking to my new vinyl seats & I need to reinstall the AC...ASAP!


I've been told I'd need an adapter kit but read here on the forum a comment about the kits being "cheap" fixes & how it should be "done right". Not a whole lot of details to follow.


My AC unit is the long one that runs the length of the dash basically. It blew air before disconnected, but don't remember if it was particularly cold. Either way, I know the old refrigerant has been DC'd & I have to convert it.


What's the best way to approach this & "do it right"?


Any & all help, tips, advice, or website links would be greatly appreciated.






'71 'Goon interior project finally finished! (W/Oics)

13 June 2017 - 07:46 PM

Hello all you fellow Ratsuners,


Just thought I'd share about my interior project that has taken a few long years to finally realize. Some of you might remember me asking for leads on finding vinyl material for the solid & rosette pattern in the original aqua/turquoise blue. I looked & looked & scoured the web, local shops, asked folks at car shows & anybody else I could think of that might be able to help me replicate the original stock interior in my 'Goon. I ordered samples that ended up being too green or too blue, or too silvery. Finally, I found a swatch that was the closest I could come to. Medium Metallic Blue. I'll have to ask my upholstery guy the name of the manufacturer we ordered from 'cos there were so many we got samples from that I forgot who actually had what I needed.  I went to a place local to me in San Luis Obispo, CA called Mitch's Stitches for the actual work. I also had him install the headliner that I'd bought a few years ago from eBay. Since the windshield and rear cargo windows would need to come out for the headliner install, I took the opportunity to also install the windshield I'd bought from Mike at the Eagle Rock show last year. A few years before that, I'd also bought the complete rubber seal kit from Mike Kay before he passed so I got to test out the product. All I can say about that is "there's nothing like the originals" I'm not too impressed with the windshield/cargo window seals...especially for the price. Oh, & one last thing...I had Mitch cut the heat embossed "Nissan" imprint from the original headrests & stitch it into the new headrests. I'm really glad I thought to do that. Let me know what ya think.


Here are some before, during & after pictures. I had many more but for some reason I got an error message saying I've posted more than I'm allowed to (WTF?)


Thanks for lookin' :thumbup: