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63a dogleg rebuilt - Gets stuck in 4th gear?

05 November 2017 - 08:26 PM

I picked up an 63A short dogleg to rebuild. It was stuck in 3rd gear. It was obvious the shift sleeve key/strut/detent popped out and prevented the sleeve from returning to the neutral position.


I bought a rebuild kit and went through the tranny. replaced bearings and syncro's. Got it all back together, and still have the same issue except for in 4th now, it gets stuck in forth because the sleeve moves too far in 4th and the key's pop out.


Anyone have experience rebuilding these doglegs and know what could cause this? Seems to be just 4th having the issue now.


Pics coming

Electric cooling fans - Two pullers or One pusher?

27 September 2017 - 08:04 PM

Looking at wiring up some electric fans for a KA24E swap with a Koyo aluminum radiator.


I can do two SPAL 7.5" pullers @ 440CFM - would like this so I can put a condenser up front.. might still have space.. just being cautious.




A single SPAL 12" pusher @ 1230 CFM.



Seems like the air flow of the single 12" pusher would be enough.. but concerned about space up front if adding AC.



Any thoughts welcome. 

Datsun 510 - KA24E - No spark when cranking

20 September 2017 - 07:42 PM

Been working on a KA24E in a 71 510 with a CAN/AM box.


Having a weird issue where the run relay loses power and shuts off while cranking and as a result, the coil loses power. Is that normal?


When the ignition switch is in the 'ON' position, the run relay has power and I get spark by manually turning the dizzy.

When the ignition switch is in the 'Start' position, starter spins the engine, the run relay loses power and then there is no spark.


According to the ignition switch pin-outs I've seen, the run relay should have power via the Black/White wire while in the start position. See two diagrams below.


I've tested two ignition switches, both of them do not have continuity though pin 1 and 2 while in the start position. It's possible they are both bad. I've never used them before and just dug them out of a spare parts box.


Can anyone confirm pin 1 (White/Red) and pin 2 (Black/White) should have continuity while in the start position? Do I have two bad switches?









Anyone know of a good electrical connector pin ID chart?

09 September 2017 - 06:52 PM

I'm looking into repinning a few Nissan electrical connectors for use on a wiring harness. I'm having trouble identifying the male/female pins in each connector. I would like to buy some new ones and pop them into these old connectors I have laying around.


I know vintage connections has all the OEM datsun stuff and I've bought some of those already. What I'm looking for is the newer Nissan terminal connectors and I'm a newb when it comes to connectors and terminals.


Also need to know so that I can buy the appropriate crimp tools.



Canby 2018 - Datsun Driving Fun - Is it cancelled yet?

12 June 2017 - 08:57 AM

6th weekend in May, Clackamas county fairgrounds. No dogs, fire, alcohol, bikes. (Fairground rules)


A.K.A. June 8-10, 2018