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Paging Farmer


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Today, 03:15 PM

Good luck on the swap.

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Today, 10:00 AM

And Draker, I'm not defending CNN headlines no matter how hard you want me to. They will contradict themselves without remorse.


Those are not for you.


I've always posted stuff like this from various media outlets. Just showing how worthless they are.

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Today, 09:57 AM

I don't think anyone is denying Russian interests. The CIA is just as bad.. worse actually.


Election meddling.. being social. That's what this has resolved to. It was Russian hacking, then it was orders from the Kremlin, changing votes, then it was compromised officials, and now it's... well they bought ads on facebook.



If Meuller finishes his witch hunt and provides substantial proof, cool. The dude has so many conflicts of interest, surprised he's not Hillary's brother. 

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Today, 08:18 AM

FusionGPS wrote that BS Trump dossier to raise flags. That dossier was baseless, worthless, and they knew it. The point of the dossier was not to be fact, it was cause to issue the FISA warrant and monitor the Trump campaign and his surrogates.


Regardless of candidate, regardless of political belief... this should absolutely infuriate anyone that believes in democracy and free and fair elections.