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#1519535 I know a wagon chick that bought a 521. Lol

Posted by datzenmike on Today, 04:51 PM

Nice new member title, Angela.  :lol: 

#1519531 Fat510`s 79 A10 warthog

Posted by datzenmike on Today, 04:21 PM

'82/'83 S110 diff??? Or '84 S12??? Would LOVE one of those.

#1519524 Cuz Merica

Posted by datzenmike on Today, 03:55 PM


McCain: Trump never apologized for saying I wasn't a war hero

President Donald Trump never apologized to John McCain for saying the senator is not a war hero. But the Arizona senator says in an interview airing tonight that while the two are “very different people,” he would never close the door to rapprochement.

“Sure. I'd be glad to converse with him,” McCain (R-Ariz.) told Lesley Stahl of “60 Minutes.” “But I also understand that we're very different people. Different upbringing. Different life experiences.”



I don't remember Trump saying McCain was not a hero. I could be wrong but he questioned why a POW was accorded hero status. I don't think being captured makes anyone a hero, although you may act heroically during your capture.

#1519423 Cuz Merica

Posted by datzenmike on Today, 05:18 AM

Mike,it's my opinion you don't know shit about Nascar. B)


Won't argue that. But I remember when it used to be exciting and fun to watch. An actual race event and less like a train on a track. 

#1519420 Camshaft

Posted by datzenmike on Today, 05:01 AM

The indent I don't know unless there when put in.


I think the shiny parts are just natural polishing of the cam by the lifter. Select an oil with lots of ZDDP in it. Racing oil or diesel oils still have the correct level. ZDDP is a zinc anti-scuff additive crucial to prevent wear on non roller cams like yours.

#1519376 I know a wagon chick that bought a 521. Lol

Posted by datzenmike on Yesterday, 07:50 PM

Why do you post in a different font than everyone else? 



The font is the same, it's just enlarged. I have Multiple Sclerosis & my vision is affected.


Handy to try CTRL  +  buttons for enlarging your computer screen. Posts stay the same here but everything you see is larger.

#1519333 Cuz Merica

Posted by datzenmike on Yesterday, 03:12 PM

Now swap the work NASCAR in there. I wouldn't cross the street to watch NASCAR today. How great and exciting it used to be in the '60s/'70s when I watched it on Wild World Of Sports and even earlier in the 50s. Today it's all about boring mediocrity, red neck bar-b-q and fireworks??? For what? 30 cars that are all withing 0.5 seconds of each other?  Chevs, Dodge and Fords that all have the same engines in them? WTF??? Only a red neck born after 1970 could get excited about this.

#1519330 Camshaft

Posted by datzenmike on Yesterday, 02:59 PM

The cam lobe will take on a very shiny polish from the lifter rubbing against it. This is what I see here.



This is wear...



#1519266 AWD SR20DET swap into 510

Posted by datzenmike on Yesterday, 10:42 AM

Well aside from RWD sucking ass, I would think this would cost more than a proper RWD SR swap in the end even if your SR were free. Many have made the mistake of an engine swap merely because they 'had one laying around'. It's the worst reason.  The RWD swap is well documented, where as, you will be making lots of mistakes and assumptions and everything will require one off custom made parts. There is also the very real risk that your 510 will go past the point of no return and be destroyed.

#1519263 Shift rift

Posted by datzenmike on Yesterday, 10:33 AM

No only meant that they were similar strength and size. I don't think the J and A series have the same bolt patterns.


I think there was someone on here recently with a 620 in Mexico. I think he said it had a 5 speed. J series were used elsewhere in the world when we went to the L series. Mexico got a J18.....




Thought I'd start a thread about the mexican J-18 and JDM J-16.

The J18s were used in Mexico in the Datsun Sakura (180SX Silvia) right up into the 80's. They are essentially the same as the other J-series and E1 and C, which were based on the BMC b-series engine. But they are 1790cc and came with 5-speeds.

A couple differences are that the motor mounts mount in a different (middle) location than the other J, E1 and C engines. But if you look at the picture, you can see the front mounting plate, and that is where the non J18 engines mounted. I would almost suspect you could put mounts in that older style location.

The other thing I read is that they require the J-18 oil pump, and can't use the others for some reason.

Doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there about them. So please add if you know more or if I got something wrong.

These pics belong to a guy named Oscar on car domain. Who has this in his 710. Here is a link to his CD page.

Oscar’s Datsun 710





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#1519223 Cuz Merica

Posted by datzenmike on Yesterday, 06:50 AM

I like Nigel. Greatest orator of our time, remarkable to listen to. Just compare him to that dunce Trump when he opens his mouth. I think he will go down in History beside the Spitfire as the savior of the British people in their hour of need. 

#1519221 wobbly teeth on el dizzy..bad?

Posted by datzenmike on Yesterday, 06:36 AM

Take it back. The reluctor ring was never installed properly. And let this be a lesson to you about buying 're-manufactured' SHIT.


Check the next one carefully.

#1519220 INSMNCS: It's Out Of My Control.

Posted by datzenmike on Yesterday, 06:32 AM

"Bent my mullet is all.... get your mom!"

#1519160 INSMNCS: It's Out Of My Control.

Posted by datzenmike on 23 September 2017 - 07:13 PM

Change your wheel size to 700c and do the math. I think you are way off.

By the time you're not forcing enough motion through the front gear to accelerate it's all easy from then.

If a regular bike can achieve 50-65 using a 48/15 that above should destroy anything else.

How often are you riding your bike fast enough that you can pedal faster than your gearing? Too often, eh?

With that huge sprocket, you never will run out of gear.

Better money would be betting that you just twisted all the spokes out of the rear hub before you maxxed out your speed.


Wind resistance limits your speed. You can't fix that with gearing. That's like saying that if you put a 1.1 rear end in a 521 you could go 320 MPH.

#1519158 Daily Randomness.........Back to Randomness.....................................

Posted by datzenmike on 23 September 2017 - 07:00 PM

Ahh fuck you...