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In Topic: Need help with ka24e swap!

Today, 07:49 AM

The distributor isn't affected by the timing chain. It's turned directly by the crank.


The guides on the slack side remove almost all the slack. Even without the tensioner.... I just can't see it happening.

In Topic: Need help with ka24e swap!

Today, 07:02 AM

I have a problem believing any L Z or KA can jump the timing chain. I don't think it's physically possible.


Set the timing correctly with a timing light or as recommended by the Nissan manual.


The oil does not need to be drained to remove the oil pump and reset the CAS. If this was running before, the CAS position would not have changed. If you 're-built' this anything is possible.

In Topic: 84 720 Z24 TRANS

Today, 06:53 AM

Length is the problem. The S13 will be too long, but it is a superior transmission than the 720. See about changing the driveshaft length and for this cost you could use your spare 5 speed. Be sure to keep and use the 720 release bearing collar.... it's matched to the 720 clutch and should never be separated from it. The rear mount should be the same but check and the shifter location. Worth looking into.

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Today, 06:41 AM

That's just what people who have never studied religion say, or align religion with a cult.


There is almost no difference between cult and religion.




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Famines were caused by Stalin and not by accident and many of those pictures are from almost 90 years ago and not today. There were soup kitchen lines here also.

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Today, 06:28 AM

Got something without flairs???but with duals??