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In Topic: Let get some of these pic back!!

Yesterday, 07:53 PM

I think if you have photos you should post them as needed to simplify something in a post or your build thread. What's the point of dumping a link to them here?





In Topic: Cuz President TRUMPS Murican dictatorship??? (It's a Traitor free zone!)

Yesterday, 07:39 PM

I found the census very intrusive. Their lackeys that come to the door are worse than Jehovah's witless. I will never speak french. Ever. Refused to learn it when forced down my throat in school. Every time I pick up something to read the ingredients I get the french side. Shove your french up your bi-lingual.

In Topic: Photobucket & Ratsun

Yesterday, 06:48 PM



This is supposed to be a gif.



In Topic: 520 rear brake woes.

Yesterday, 06:40 PM

I can try and take a pic later.... datzenmike has me questioning how I installed my shoes on my 521.. the whole leading/ trailing thing. .. I also have a 520 rear axle assembly in my basement should be easy to pop the drum off and have a look and snap a pic....


Unless one or both were also replaced wrong. A 520 is old and has probably had several sets of brakes put on. And as they get older and older the owner starts to do the changing.

In Topic: Daily Randomness.........Back to Randomness.....................................

Yesterday, 06:35 PM

He's 'rubbing' the border though.