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Is this still going???



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Yeah, Happy TG down there.

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The original....



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He was so fast he red shifted.

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OK I'm at home now....



Did you ....





Turn the 4 way all the way OFF. Turn key on and signal a turn. Now move the 4 way switch slightly towards the ON position. When the turn signal starts working... stop.



The 4 way and the turn signals are both wired into the 4 way switch. If you were messing around with it, I would start my search there. It could be as simple as not plugging it in.



 IF the 4 way switch is working properly, (don't assume) then....
When you turn the key on do the red oil and charge lights come on? If yes then the fuse for the signals is ok. This brings us back to a faulty 4 way switch or the flasher unit. Other than the turn signal switch itself, which can get dirty inside. If this does not get the turn signals working we'll have to look at the turn signal switch.
4 Way
Do your brake lights work? If they do, the fuse for the 4 ways is OK. This brings us back to a faulty 4 way switch or the flasher unit.