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Today, 01:51 PM

But your imagination and memory are unimpaired and you rub one out anyway.

In Topic: 74' 620 Stopped Suddenly While Driving

Today, 11:24 AM

Get your battery check. Oreillys or autozone can do that, this way you have a base. Did you check your ballast resistors connection as mentioned.


The ballast resistor only comes into play when the ignition key returns to the RUN position when starting. During START 12 volts goes to the coil from the ignition. At the same time, START sends a signal to the starter solenoid to activate the starter.


I'm guessing that if the ignition is ON the heater fan, wipers, radio are all not working in addition to no starter. This is possibly the loss of 12 volts from the fusible link (remember the link must be OK as the headlamps still work) on the large gauge White wire to the ignition switch itself. The most likely thing is the harness plug fell out of the back of the ignition switch, or someone has messed with the ignition switch previously.

In Topic: Cuz President TRUMPS Murican dictatorship??? (It's a Traitor free zone!)

Today, 11:14 AM

Smog????? California makes it's own smog. Doesn't need any help.

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Today, 08:51 AM

Have a machine shop turn it down on a lathe.

In Topic: Cuz President TRUMPS Murican dictatorship??? (It's a Traitor free zone!)

Today, 08:27 AM

I would totally doubt this BS number. China is a long way off and the winds don't blow to California directly. Was this measured at sea level or 50,000 feet. What average reading was used for the California comparison??? If there is air pollution in California it's pretty much all made there. If 1/3 is from China then it must be very clean in California.