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If the alternator does not charge the battery, it will run out. It's not the battery's fault. All it needs is re-charging.

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Today, 05:42 PM

Too much work for the little princesses.



That this Nissan part number in a give to them. 11053-73400


It was later and last used in the


'79-'83 280zx with L28 engine.

'88-'90 KA24E in the 240sx

'86-'89 Pathfinder with Z24i engine

'82-'84 Maxima with L24E engine

'89-'93 D21 Hardbody with KA24E engine

'86-'89 D21 Hardbody with Z24i engine

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Today, 05:21 PM

I do not advise single plug running. It's simply a dual system, both plugs fire at the same time in a single distributor.... that's it. Nothing magical about it. You run much less advance too. Ripping something out that works this well is going backwards. I wish I had dual plugs in my L series

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I'd have never guessed



How's the rain????

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Today, 04:28 PM

Just hard wire it in line and solder it.