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In Topic: L20B w58 Head Performance Build

Today, 04:58 PM

People should check their Z series cams. There isn't a lot of lift/overlap you can do as the valves will hit. Cams may be same or just barely warmed over above stock. BTW the Z series stock cam is the same spec as the L20B 0.413 lift and 248 duration*


*This duration measurement is likely NOT at 0.050" valve lift.

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Today, 04:53 PM

Guess where my paw is....

In Topic: I know a wagon chick that bought a 521. Lol

Today, 04:51 PM

Nice new member title, Angela.  :lol: 

In Topic: 280z harmonic balancer interchange question

Today, 04:47 PM

Pretty sure they will fit. The Z20/22 and 24 seem to have a balancer on them and are three pulley for air/PS. All L20Bs have a single solid pulley excerpt the S10, last year 620  and first year 720 L20Bs but they also had air con.

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Today, 04:32 PM

Hi James and welcome to Ratsun. (I'm sorry for your loss)



Most cars switched to rectangular lamps in '80 or half way through '79 but the 810 changed July '78 which is the beginning of the '79 model year. Nice car and the L28 does not just drop in so your uncle did a good job. Five speeds were an option that year did it get one?