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#1488046 Search function dead?

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 12 May 2017 - 03:57 PM

There have been days I swore the search function was nothing more than one of skib's dreams.

Like seriously, look through the forum and tell me the search function is real. Thread;"How many doors does my car have?"
"What is this thinggy" *pic with arrow pointed to a wheel*... and then the "what about this xyz25006 engine swap with quad turbo lazer inductors and 10000bhp, cheap? "
*edit* forgot to answer... search is working fine for me

#1487972 Carb help plz!!!

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 12 May 2017 - 06:56 AM

clogged line/filter as Osoi stated. Or bad pump... check the easier parts first

#1487945 napz engine

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 12 May 2017 - 03:19 AM

Its a nismo cam that i ordered directly from my Nissan dealer. Part number is 99996-D1017. Weird thing is...my Nissan dealer couldn't look up the parts. I had to call Nismo North America to get the part number´╗┐s

First, your question has allready been answered in the comments of the video you linked... and in the sentence you got the part number from, no less^^^^^
Also comp cams does sell cams for this motor as well.

Secondly... want to point out that you want a camshaft that sounds like this.... are you going to run the same exhaust, manifold/header?I know you aren't planning on running the same carb as the weber 38 outlaw on the truck in the video. So ill just say, your truck may sound far different than this one even if you happen to use the same parts.

Mine is not to judge, but there will be more work than just swapping cams... id suggest you read about the nissan anti performance z24 engine to see if this is really worth it for you.

Here is a freebie search to get you started http://community.rat...nfoperformance/

#1487944 napz carbs

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 12 May 2017 - 03:12 AM

I like metal, and dislike folk music. My neighbor blasts "All things considered" and loves folk music.... my point is "sounds better" is VERY subjective, and also HIGHLY dependant on supporting mods (exhaust, cam, dished or domed pistons).

As for "better pull" you will get mostly subjective answers sans dyno tickets. These motors (stock) aren't really massive power makers, so a total or 2mm of carb difference may be semantics. Plus its not like you cant rejet either one.
From experience, tuning maters more than those 2 mm, so choose the one you feel is easier/better for you to tune, upkeep, afford, or find first.

#1487886 How to keep 620 hood from popping up?

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 11 May 2017 - 06:41 PM

hood pins. jkjk.

Btw search is your friend.

http://community.rat...tch +adjustment

This thread may not answer every question you have in detail, but searching and learning is important.

#1487854 New 620 4X4 FRAME questions

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 11 May 2017 - 03:44 PM

I am working on a plan for the frame. Worrying about the wire is least of troubles but was more a curiosity question upon getting motor to start. I have someone coming over this week to help me form a plan for the frame. I look every night on craigs and random sites looking for a frame from a parts truck.  My problem will be if I find something worth the swap...that I don't end up with two trucks I want to restore.  B)

Got it. And yeah i get the point you made, why worry about the frame if the motor is shot as well?

I have some ideas on the frame (yeah these are longshots but bear with me)
1- find and mod another datsun frame 
2-build your own tube frame (this one is the biggest long shot, expensive and time consuming)
3- Buy a donor vehicle: eg bronco, blazer, s10, ranger. and bodyswap (still a bit out there, but can be done)

edit: i just remembered you said you wanted to stay original when it comes to the frame, so my post is for the most part a waste of space. But ill see if i can fill in other stuff.
1. If it's a 4 speed manual, then why no rpm gauge?
-Kind of common. There are a good number of vehicles during and before this time with no tach. "just shift by ear" or "by feel". You could always throw on an aftermarket tach... but some look TACKY... sorry.. 
2. Do any of the features listed above give away it's history or modification timeline?
-Its not stock, and no... dana 44's have been around since the 50's. Datzenmike already touched on this.
3. Frame is broken on both sides as it a raises towards engine... maybe pinch weld area. Where do I begin to look for replacement frames? I know I want to stay in the same year/family. Limited welding experience. Excellent in the bolt on department. 
-Even if you find a frame, it wont be "bolt on". Welding/cutting will need to be done for thetransaxle, front suspension, and maybe some body mounts... once again, the kingrat has that info.
4. Any links to threads about initial engine startup to do list prior to starting up something that has been sitting so long?
-Check/replace fluids, check spark, clean points or get new dizzy rotor and cap, fresh fuel, new filters, make sure the webers bowls are filled/primed, check battery voltage. Could go futher like devarnishing the fuel tank ect... but its up to you how in depth you go, 
5. Any links to threads about initial turn over of carburetor, radiator, electrical, transmission prior to first start?
-Huh? like... how to check to see if these work or in serviceable shape?
ah well shit,looks like 90% of my post is just wasted space.

#1486296 New 620 4X4 FRAME questions

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 07 May 2017 - 12:09 AM

*reading though thread and slams into rust pictures*


Mother of dog.... 

screw the lack of a tach (my 79 didnt even come with one either), gas tank? who cares? forget the wire hanging from the carb,.. because you will have some wires to disconnect here in a bit when you do SOMETHING with that frame.


I mean am I just being cynical or should we worry about replacing that frame before worrying about a wire? 


Ill be over here chewing on my fingernails while following this. And looking for frames in the Washington dc area.


Oh and welcome to rustson...i mean ratsun


Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 17 July 2012 - 09:30 PM

Am I missing something? The tone of the post seems rather surly.

at least i wasnt the only one that picked up on it

but back on subject.... desireable.... you could say that, because they are a cheap way to bring some reliable power or to "modernize" our ol dats.... Thanks for the heads up that there is one at that jy, and hopefully some one might find that helpfull... but those motors are "dime a dozen"...

btw welcome to ratsun.... word of advice...be nice to datzenmike... hes an encyclopedia of knowledge.... oh and skibs.... but because he likes bringing out the ban hammer

#720078 VG30 into 620, is it possible?

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 16 July 2012 - 05:25 AM

A Lamborghini v12 it technically possible.... just depends on your skills and how much you want to spend.

But from what i remember the pathfinder plenum, i thing the pathfinder oilpan works with just bumping it in a bit... i remember the mounts were completely custom. I remember it was really tight, and it was only a n/a block... the headers were the most modified pieces of the install...

I honestly cannot tell you from experience... i will try and find the thread and post it here

#719768 What do you do?

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 15 July 2012 - 05:51 PM

I was a 68W (combat medic- emtcertified) in the Us Army, after some school i was a 68W-M6 (combat medic-LPN certified). I got out, worked at a hospital... got bored.... bought a semi truck... and now "i is a big rig dry-vur"

Kinnda sucks cuz i get to see what you guys are doing with your datsuns... and all i can do is plan shit out, and order parts... untill i get home and its like fuckin christmas

#626059 California Sunshine 620

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 03 February 2012 - 01:28 AM

Posted Image I have never seen one of these... if you take too long to get that, you will LITERALLY have to fight me for it.... and i will fight dirtyPosted Image ....but to be fair ill hold Posted Image .... thats an awesome find, i hope everything works out well for you getting a 620, and good luck!

Welcome to Ratsun

#625191 Projector Headlights

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 01 February 2012 - 07:54 PM

as standard they used the glass lens sealed beams... but as for your limits on length ... it depends on the vehicle really... but if you stay near (or slightly over) the length of a std sealed beam you should be good... the trucks ofcourse have a a good bit of room... and cars im not sure

7" diam x 4" depth seems to be the norm

EDIT: 5 3/4" diameter

#625015 My First Car! 79 Datsun 620

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 01 February 2012 - 03:34 PM

Posted Image why have i not seen this truck yet?! Its awesome! And i do hope you get all those shady wire splices taken care of. And of course Welcome to Ratsun!

#624741 How do I clean out my Pm's so it's not full?

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 01 February 2012 - 03:07 AM

Ill shoot you a shitload of em so you can practice .... :lol: ..... :)

you get a +1 Posted Image

#624727 How do I clean out my Pm's so it's not full?

Posted by Digi7al Trauma on 01 February 2012 - 02:13 AM

Posted Image try clicking the delete button....

use the check boxes to select the ones you want to delete in your message center, and then hit "delete selected" ... or you can delete them seperately, by going to the notification and clicking the delete button