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In Topic: KA24E Swap into a 1986 720 4x4 Questions

14 May 2017 - 01:03 PM



What is the definitive maximum crank or wheel horsepower the FS5W71B transmission and other driveline components can take on a 4x4? The FS5W71B was used on the non turbo 280zx so whatever that engine made... 150hp???



Technically, transmissions are rated for a torque figure. Mike, if im wrong just correct me, but iirc the FS5W71B is rated for 215ft/lbs, but there are a few people running more than that on theirs with no current issues.


The oil pan is not close enough. The naps pan has to be grafted to ka pan. Clearances are less than half inch. There is no way a 240 ka would work in a 4x4 unless SAS first. Mike can you site a running example with the truck manifold with a downdraft? Those long drooping runners would no be good for a carb application. Nissan did make a,ka24e downdraft manifold on the KAs motor offered south of the border but I was never able to source one. The fuel injection starts so fast and no cold nature issues so I am glad to ditch the weber.

Oh no he didn't! jkjk.


Find 'Farmer Joe' profile. KA24DE with 38/38 weber and EI distributor.

^^^^ +1 Farmer Joe

In Topic: What are you listening to???

14 May 2017 - 11:31 AM

In Topic: Search function dead?

12 May 2017 - 03:57 PM

There have been days I swore the search function was nothing more than one of skib's dreams.

Like seriously, look through the forum and tell me the search function is real. Thread;"How many doors does my car have?"
"What is this thinggy" *pic with arrow pointed to a wheel*... and then the "what about this xyz25006 engine swap with quad turbo lazer inductors and 10000bhp, cheap? "
*edit* forgot to answer... search is working fine for me

In Topic: Carb help plz!!!

12 May 2017 - 06:56 AM

clogged line/filter as Osoi stated. Or bad pump... check the easier parts first

In Topic: napz engine

12 May 2017 - 03:19 AM

Its a nismo cam that i ordered directly from my Nissan dealer. Part number is 99996-D1017. Weird thing is...my Nissan dealer couldn't look up the parts. I had to call Nismo North America to get the part number´╗┐s

First, your question has allready been answered in the comments of the video you linked... and in the sentence you got the part number from, no less^^^^^
Also comp cams does sell cams for this motor as well.

Secondly... want to point out that you want a camshaft that sounds like this.... are you going to run the same exhaust, manifold/header?I know you aren't planning on running the same carb as the weber 38 outlaw on the truck in the video. So ill just say, your truck may sound far different than this one even if you happen to use the same parts.

Mine is not to judge, but there will be more work than just swapping cams... id suggest you read about the nissan anti performance z24 engine to see if this is really worth it for you.

Here is a freebie search to get you started http://community.rat...nfoperformance/