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Found it!

01 October 2017 - 07:14 PM

Found it!


But before I get to that, there are a few more little electrical mysteries. Please see the photo of the back of the instrument cluster, the items with the pink circles. I have no loose wires.  Is something supposed be plugged in?


I was thinking of using wedge base LED lights in the sockets identified by bits of blue tape; anyone have any comments about this?

And then in the photo from the steering wheel side, there is a two-wired bulb in a simple plastic push-in mount. This is not a push-in and twist device. The bulb turns on whenever the headlights are turned on. Beats me what this bulb is supposed to illuminate.


Now the FOUND IT:


Awhile back I asked about where to find the sockets (several were disintegrated).  Auto parts places, even Datsun parts places didn’t know where to get the sockets. Well, the sockets are not rare, they are a part common on older US cars. Here is the eBay site I bought from:  retromotive (29661) on eBay.


I only bought five because I didn’t know if they would fit. They fit perfectly. I am going to replace the remaining five old ones. Just a little word of caution, some of the ones I received had a teeny bit of residual plastic flash from molding.  If you don’t trim this, it can make it very hard to remove the socket if you ever need to remove the socket because the untrimmed plastic tends to wedge the socket too firmly in the circuit board.


I have included photos and a drawing I did of the socket shape with the relevant dimensions.




36733112184_41993c1b54_k.jpg194 wedge bulb socket diagram by Donald Broz, on Flickr


36733109364_7bf06c1a67_k.jpgBack of instrument panel by Donald Broz, on Flickr


37443782231_531619bcfa_b.jpgUnknown bulb in dash by Donald Broz, on Flickr





Dash illumination Part Issue

14 September 2017 - 04:06 PM

Too long a story to go into; I would like to know where to buy the black plastic insert & twist dash illumination fittings (early 1973 Datsun 610 station wagon). Here are two photos of one of mine that is cracked. On the back it says: Toshiba.


37041978866_3c389851f5_b.jpgIMG_4628 by Donald Broz, on Flickr


37089365831_fc2be85fe9_b.jpgIMG_4627 by Donald Broz, on Flickr





Door Handle Issue

14 September 2017 - 03:52 PM

The metal lever in the door handle to the driver’s door just broke (early 1973 Datsun 610 station wagon). Can this cast door handle part be welded? I haven’t been able to locate a parts car for several years. The bottom photo clearly shows where it's broken. Does anyone have any information or alternative suggestions?


37088842261_32ddcf20fa_b.jpgIMG_4621 by Donald Broz, on Flickr


37232048605_087309514b_b.jpgIMG_4623 by Donald Broz, on Flickr



brands of headlights

31 August 2017 - 06:10 PM

I am about to buy new H5006 new low beam headlights for me 610. The headlights are 30 years old and one burned out. Is there any difference between Sylvania  and Wagner? I will be buying a pair.



Cleaning a fuse block

29 August 2017 - 05:43 PM

I was a bit perplexed when one line of a circuit was not conducting. I took out the fuse and it checked ok.  I checked power to the fuse/fuse block, it was good. I put the fuse back in and I put a probe to each of the fuse holder ends and there was power. I took the fuse out again to closely look at it, I put it back in. No power/current. I rotated the fuse in the holder and found that sometimes there was and sometimes there wasn’t current. On close examination I saw the fuse holders all looked dirty and corroded.  I tried simply cleaning with a q-tip and alcohol. That was not effective. The result was the same with steel wool (plus there was the danger of stray bits if steel wool fiber debris causing shorts. I tried 600 grit sandpaper, but that took a huge amount of time and effort to be effective.  Then I came up with a very quick, easy and effective way to clean the fuse holders using a Dremel with a wire brush tip (which wore out rather quickly). In case there is severe corrosion or rust, you could try delicately using a tiny grinding tip. Maybe this is well known, but in case there are others like me that didn’t know of this, here it is:(photo shows almost all the fuse holders cleaned).


36726447902_dbb880861a_b.jpgCleaning fuse block by Donald Broz, on Flickr