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#1389369 A15 factory pistons???

Posted by K Appley on 02 June 2016 - 06:56 PM

Well, in this case the dish area on the factory pistons appears to be superior to the ITM's. What really gets me is that these engines were being fitted to new vehicles in several country's around the world as short a time ago as about 10 years. The same is true of the 60 series transmission but in this country Nissan has just figured that stocking parts isn't necessary. You can bet that if I were in Indonesia or South Africa, a couple of countries that I believe they were last fitted, that I could get parts. As to the quality of the factory pistons, there are lots of very high mileage A series engines with the factory piston's in them so I think they are fine. The ITM's appear to be made by just facing off a lump and running a cutter offset to one side to make the dish. They may be weighted closely but I'll bet they are on the heavy side.