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14 March 2018 - 06:30 AM

It would certainly seem like a "made to order" sort of thing? Seems like you wouldn't sell enough of them to actually keep them in stock.  ^_^

Probably, site says sold out and they don't seem to promote that part or any of there stuff they were making when they first came out. Op should look into it, I have a set of there rear coilovers and was hoping other ppl would purchase them so I can see some feedback.

In Topic: Feels like autumn.

10 March 2018 - 09:55 AM

But it ties into the seat belt mounts, so it should work for a wagon? 



I think so, but it looks like they may be out of production now. Or if you got a hold of Dom he could turn one out for him

In Topic: Feels like autumn.

07 March 2018 - 01:17 PM

I was wondering if anyone has ever created a harness bar for a 510 wagon? I don’t want a full cage because I’d like my rear to still be usable but I’d like a harness bar to properly run a four point

ChasingJs made one but I don't think it was for goons

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18 February 2018 - 09:34 AM

In Topic: Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment) (Pics fixed to Page 72)

18 February 2018 - 09:06 AM

Best flares I've ever seen on a 510, and I personally prefer stock but damn those things make me drool :thumbup: