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Hakobird?...Uh oh the 510 is the next Honda jk jk.

23 June 2017 - 05:34 PM

Saw this on Carbon Signal's Instagram and there suppose to have the hako (Hakosuka) front end available by end of July.


What do you 510 guys think? I'm no 510 owner but in some ways I like it.

☆ S h a k o t a n • M a x i m a ☆

05 December 2016 - 09:47 PM

You guys might remember this Maxima from when I bought it a couple years ago for cheap in Klamath Falls, Oregon about 85 miles from me. Had to sell at one point for money, and kinda missed it ever since. Well got the chance to buy it back after it went threw 2 people after me. The person i sold it to was suppose to fix it up from what he said. I guess it didn't last when i saw it not long after on craigslist. Later on one of my friends on facebook was talking to the owner of the maxima he showed pics and recognized the car. Added him to the facebook 810/910 page and not long after he offered the maxima to me. Yesterday after selling the 72 620 decided to buy the maxima back. 2nd time i sell a datsun and buy another in one day lol.

As the maxima sits, previous owner did S13 coilovers so its slammed on the stock 14's doesn't ride too bad, and welded diff i don't why but it works. The only thing i guess i didn't like was the guy i sold it to misplaced the stock grill took out the heater core and never did shit to it but replace alternator and battery.