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In Topic: Whiny alternator

19 May 2017 - 09:16 AM

to determining if it's the water pump or alternator making the whiny sound, take a metal rod or 3/8 drive extension/s, long enough so your face isn't getting slapped by the fan or what ever to make a stethoscope to get sound to travel through. Be careful to not get it into any moving parts. With engine running, take the metal rod and carefully put it on the alternator housing and put the other end up next to your ear, touching just before the ear opening, listen to the sound being transferred. Now carefully take the rod and put it close to the water pump housing and listen to the sound. Which one sounds the loudest ?  


if it was your water pump, the bushing is on it's way out and you should see some weeping of anti-freeze coming out on the ground.


if it's the alternator, sometimes all you need to do is open it up, ( hope you know how to) and put a little grease on the bearings.


hope this helps, report back with your findings.   

In Topic: 73 610 2dr

11 May 2017 - 07:35 AM

In need of a windshield, door seals, some other things but those two are the most important. I am on the hunt but if any one has any direction then can send me in it would be much appreciated
My email Duk@live.ca

cough cough , IBTL


if any one has any direction VVVVV start there first. 



In Topic: Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

13 December 2016 - 06:48 AM

1969. 1968 & 1969 are pretty much the same car (to me) but '68 was the last year Chevelle to have a vent window.

the wing window was offered on the GM A bodys up to 72 if the astro vents were NOT installed in the dash. It's rare to find one or see one on a chevelle. Don't have a production number if any made to back this up but it was offered. 



just to prove GM did offer the wing window, here's a 72 Lemans GT-37 without the astro-vents.