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In Topic: Does the dome light bar add rigidity

Yesterday, 07:44 PM

I  won't tell you what I would use because some here feel it is not the "correct" stuff to use. Even though it is cheap and works great


Works great is relative.  Goop gets hard and brittle over time, faster in my experience than actual seam sealer.

In Topic: Mr Big Tanker's watermelon wagon.

Yesterday, 06:38 PM

Ray you should buy my Adire Audio Brahma 15 MKII to go with that system.  I don't think it will fit in my 521 unless I do a blow through  :rofl:

In Topic: Daily Randomness.........Back to Randomness.....................................

Yesterday, 06:35 PM


Hit my tire , hooked the fender with bumper and dragged for a few feet.

No FML , could be worse

Makes me think a lot about real problems


And this is why self-driving cars are becoming a thing.  When's the next plague?

In Topic: tailgate compatibility

Yesterday, 04:07 PM

As far as I know they are the same.  You may find the tailgate doesn't fit perfectly due to the hinge leaves welded on to the bed and they may need some massaging to get a perfect fit.

In Topic: Does the dome light bar add rigidity

Yesterday, 09:19 AM

Do NOT use expanding foam.