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03 December 2017 - 08:15 PM

In 1992 when I started my first project, the po (my dad) told me the affermarket gemp gauge didn't work, and I should replace it asap.

A couple years later, it overheated with no working temp gauge, because teenager.

The motor I rebuilt and swapped in got an aftermarket gauge that didn't last long, before I traded it for a 510 with a blown head gasket (overheated).

My 521 has gone through 5 or 6 temp gauges, in about 20k miles and overheated a few times because of it (my last motor)

I've tried mostly auto gage, and sunpro, and this one I'm using in my truck now is about useless, moves a little, not accurate, and it was just a couple months old when I had quit driving it.

I'm not here in Datsun stories to fix this problem.

I'm here to spread rumors and fear with multiple accounts of CURSED datsuns and parts from MANY datsun owners, please add your own CURSED stories.

Maybe we can reverse the Jay Leno effect.

521 re-redone DD

22 November 2017 - 08:13 PM

Couldn't find my old thread, so here's the new one. Bought this in '02 with big hopes and dreams, and almost no mechanical experience or internet back up, and it sat around in various stages of not driveable, and "modified" waiting for a better mechanic.

I became one, and got it DD-ing in '11, signed up for judging at Canby that year(on 1 hour of sleep, and a teste welded to my sack), came to grips with the fact that it wasn't the best anything yet. Of cource driving it Daily got me laid, so I ended up in a relationship and neglected it again while I worked on my 16oz curls. That got me nowhere, so I picked the wrenches back up instead, aaaaaaand, pics...