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In Topic: Braided Steel Clutch Line

Yesterday, 08:00 PM

Dripping down the pedal on the inside?

In Topic: Clutch Hose Line unfreeze hack

Yesterday, 07:59 PM

Wow! Never had that problem before. I usually just burn through the penetrating oil with the blue part of the flame.

In Topic: Datsun 620 1978/79 Tension control rods

Yesterday, 07:55 PM

Shorten them to gain caster. More caster helps with stability. Helps return the steering to center and keeps the vehicle going straight.

In Topic: 620 Land Speed Record

19 August 2017 - 07:47 PM

You could get a Winters quick change axle. They make a lightweight axle that can handle up to 300 hp. Not exactly cheap though.

I would be wary of a Dana 44 or 12 bolt, as gear ratio changes will be much more difficult. You could preset a few different r&p sets, but they're still a pain to swap in a hurry.

In Topic: Who can identify this front suspension??

19 August 2017 - 09:20 AM

What I see is the difference in paint quality. The paint on the upper control arm looks so much newer than the paint on the rest of the frame and suspension.


Hopefully whomever did the mods, knew what they were doing. There are a lot of potential problems to deal with during that kind of work.