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Yesterday, 09:36 AM

Make sure it's currently registered before you do the body swap. If you have to do a VIN verification to get it registered, they may not like the fact that it's made out of two vehicles.

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Yesterday, 09:35 AM

All ten.

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Yesterday, 09:34 AM

That is a smokin deal.


Drive it like it is a few times to get a feel for the condition. Look for leaks before you clean it, then pressure wash it while it's still in running condition so you can run it after the wash and make sure nothing important got wet (like water in the cylinders and inside the TPS box, etc). Best to know it runs great before you pull it so that if it doesn't run great after the swap, you have something to go on.

In Topic: Novice questions.

17 January 2018 - 11:15 AM

You can convert the front axle to 6 lug disc brake using a mix of Jeep, Ford and Chevy components. Or you may be able to do the conversion using Jeep J series pickup parts, which were 6 lug. The key lies in the spindle. There are about 5 different spindles - short, long, small and big bearing, 5 and 6 bolt (where it bolts to the knuckle).


Call the guys at Parts Mike in Auburn, CA. They are good with this stuff and should be able to sell you all the parts. http://www.partsmike.com/

In Topic: Novice questions.

17 January 2018 - 08:20 AM

Looks like a Jeep D30 front axle, probably from a early/mid 70's CJ. The t-case is a D20. Both are easy to get parts for. The front brakes may be a different story. If they have been converted to 6 lug, you will need to figure out how they did that and what parts they used.


There are a lot of aftermarket upgrades for both the axle and the t-case.