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In Topic: B210 Rollcall

Today, 02:14 PM

afracer: send me your info so i can send pix

In Topic: B210 Rollcall

Yesterday, 03:36 PM

well my buddy ben/fun5ten from desert datsuns here in arizona who is a electrical genius came by to help figure out the issues we even used a electric fuel pump and  check for spark at plugs and still no positive results, i am getting to the point to just send to the scrap yard i just don't get on just flushing out the gas tank, changing fuel pump, filter and rubber lines, spark plugs would cause more headaches

In Topic: what is this part

Yesterday, 03:31 PM

thanks for the pix

In Topic: what is this part

Yesterday, 08:45 AM

datzenmike: what does the remote igniter box look like under dash so i can see where to look in a b210

In Topic: new here, first 521, first Datsun, finding parts?

Yesterday, 08:21 AM

welcome to ratsun