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09 February 2018 - 03:22 PM

 I really want to figure out what these wheels are .. The only identification marks are on back of wheel on mounting face ,,, says,, Made in England and the stamped letters  SB  .. They are very light and  look alot like , alot of other wheels,  except the way the spokes are cut out on front ..


14 x 6  



  Anyways here's the pics.















And i/we believe they may be the wheels on this purple panel but not positive..  



Puyallup WA January 20th ,, Out an About burgers

14 December 2017 - 03:44 PM

I am starting new thread,,,  because of PhotoBucket the OG is just mostly dead links,, will just update this for the short notice get togethers, cruises and such




.. The Oly area guys are thinking of rolling up to Puyallup and snagging a burger at the Out n About .. The place is just a drive thru (no inside) but has big ass parking lots. Probably a little before noon and hang for maybe 3 hours but can't say for sure since it's going to be winter and what-not

The menu is very small so the eats are pretty cheap, but i have it from good sources the burgers and onion rings are pretty fuckin good.


If you need another weekend let it be know .. Or at least use better excuses than the lame ass ones Qtip and Scalpum always use.


Not sure if we are caravan-ing up the 5 of eye or going backroads or what yet



Here's the menu,,




Yeah that's the whole thing,,





Here's the  address you pricks


14214 Meridian Ave E
Puyallup, WA 98373







Here's some funk to think it over by.








Wife says it looks like an egg,, and not in a nice way.

15 August 2017 - 05:09 PM

 So Fucking Ted told us about spotting this 1200 last winter but it sat down off the road in a mudhole and it just wouldn't stop raining ,,,,,,,,,,,,, then,,,,,,,,,, it stopped. We were in the neighborhood asking about a 411 that was also spotted in winter but left for dryer times so we stopped and asked....... $300. later we were loading it onto trailer,, with title .  Previous owner was older lady and ( i assume)  her sons couldn't figure out how to fix points so it was dependable enough for her to drive,, so they had bought a few weird distributors to try,,, but lost the OG distributor so i didn't get that.  But  had 3 or 4 matchboxs for A14s so not really a big deal


I have been quietly searching for a cheap high gas mileage Datsun for awhile to drive when i tear my 411 apart to install 4Age ...  i bought a 2door b210 a couple years ago and been collecting A14 parts and a couple 5speeds for it but ,, never really felt a "thing" for it .   So maybe i will use that junk on this instead











As you can see by road height it was down in a river bottom type area ,, but that is a major hiway and i'm pretty surprised no-one beat us to it .





After washing and taking off those horrible lazy eye things  it looked better
















Put my sons slots on he had laying around





















Anyways,,, it runs pretty decent with matchbox i had ,, brakes work really good  it needs wiring cleaned up under hood and the hole in gas tank fixed or new tank.