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Wife says it looks like an egg,, and not in a nice way.

15 August 2017 - 05:09 PM

 So Fucking Ted told us about spotting this 1200 last winter but it sat down off the road in a mudhole and it just wouldn't stop raining ,,,,,,,,,,,,, then,,,,,,,,,, it stopped. We were in the neighborhood asking about a 411 that was also spotted in winter but left for dryer times so we stopped and asked....... $300. later we were loading it onto trailer,, with title .  Previous owner was older lady and ( i assume)  her sons couldn't figure out how to fix points so it was dependable enough for her to drive,, so they had bought a few weird distributors to try,,, but lost the OG distributor so i didn't get that.  But  had 3 or 4 matchboxs for A14s so not really a big deal


I have been quietly searching for a cheap high gas mileage Datsun for awhile to drive when i tear my 411 apart to install 4Age ...  i bought a 2door b210 a couple years ago and been collecting A14 parts and a couple 5speeds for it but ,, never really felt a "thing" for it .   So maybe i will use that junk on this instead











As you can see by road height it was down in a river bottom type area ,, but that is a major hiway and i'm pretty surprised no-one beat us to it .





After washing and taking off those horrible lazy eye things  it looked better
















Put my sons slots on he had laying around





















Anyways,,, it runs pretty decent with matchbox i had ,, brakes work really good  it needs wiring cleaned up under hood and the hole in gas tank fixed or new tank.







Jrock's powder coat shop, aka Captain Testicales workshop.. April 22

22 January 2017 - 05:38 PM

This is in Olympia WA area.


 Maybe about 10:am-ish till whenever ( depending on if we BBQ or go get something to eat) but  probably not that late since it is shaded area ,, could roast some wieners and burgers and shit maybe have some hot liquids if it's cold..  OR we could roll out and go find somewhere to sit down and eat....



We could also go down the street and see if we can bribe the guy at the coroners office to borrow a couple corpses and have a "real" party,,,,,,,,,,,,   i don't care


Really fluid as of now so if you need another Saturday that month post it here and we will see if others agree and then shoot you down cuz you're a self serving ass





That's about all i got









Here's a pic from last years Jdong get together as you can see easily 50-60 cars showed up