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Yesterday, 12:15 PM

 Did you notice how quick "someone" was to say he doesn't have time to creep around high schools,,,,,,,,,, with the amount of young hardbodies in those things,,,,,  everyone has enough time.







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Yesterday, 12:09 PM

 And since i sold my goofy 510 to buy it.. Bill's blue 411 ,,, and his daughters extremely dark blue 411.











But i'm too cheap and backed out  ,, and then the Campbell's tomato soup mobile popped up


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Yesterday, 11:58 AM

 It was built to pull my neighbors roadster racecar behind his crazy stretched 521.. I saw you guys-es comments when you posted  but still working on pictures of whole thing all together ,, but been running to Seattle and then it ,,,,,,,,,,, snowed and youngest are here driving me bonkers all day. 



.Here's a couple from when we went to quesadilla factory meet but had to use my bigger trailer to haul the John Deere mobile. 





And one from my front yard with that douche UberKevin in it 









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Yesterday, 11:41 AM

If you go to any Washington school district website it says no weapons of any kind are allowed,,  I'm positive Oregon is the same . There are also MANY signs around inside the schools sayng the same thing. 


We have had a police officer at our middle and high schools for at least 10 years.. They park their cruiser right in front of main entrance and i think they have their own closet they occupy . I believe they were put there more for gang activity that is really bad to the north of us.. 


 Giving a teacher a gun is a very bad idea,i know quite a lot of school teachers personally and i can say i don't want a teacher carrying a gun,,, ever. .. It's like when the state armed the park-narcs at the beach,, i heard even my brother-in-law tell of being at the end of one... If you knew my BNL you would understand how ludicrous that is. 





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