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Today, 06:10 PM

The guy that did those should go weld up that G35.

In Topic: Do 79 b210 fenders fit on 77/78 b210?

Today, 05:03 PM

There's a gato in here.


In Topic: another blown head gasket

Today, 04:53 PM

decided to rebuild a ka24e for the 720 out with the z24.bought a complete used ka for 200.00 it runs ok,but it needs freshening up.its got 219000 miles on it

Put fresh valve stem seals and chain guides and you'll be good for another 220,000 miles.

In Topic: INSMNCS: It's Out Of My Control.

Today, 04:51 PM

I am so outa touch! Wbat is s fidget spinner?



I laughed hard about this. Lol. She can spin my fidget....but I still think they're doing g it wrong.

In Topic: 79 KB310 TS Project

Today, 04:36 PM

Whew! Sweet.