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In Topic: How does this bumper look???

Yesterday, 01:28 PM

I should have said to weld it on the back, oh well.

In Topic: This is for the old timers.

Yesterday, 11:53 AM

I was going to suggest putting it on ebay, but there are plenty of them on there now in better shape for $20.00, so waste of time in my opinion, but if you make a living on ebay, I suppose every dollar counts.

In Topic: Broken timing cover dizzy mount

Yesterday, 09:35 AM

If you take 2 of the bolts out of the crank in the rear a 2X4 might fit between the rest of them.

Personally I would just lay the thing on its side, stick a 2X4 in the crank and be done with it, it's just an L16 block, I would never rebuild an L16 block, I would get an L20b as that would be the best bolt in upgrade you can make to a 521.

In Topic: Broken timing cover dizzy mount

21 October 2017 - 04:29 PM

You need to have something hold the crank still/in position, I would leave the wedge in.

In Topic: Any advantage by switching to a 8 plug head on a Z engine?

21 October 2017 - 03:40 PM

I see, but everyone says a Z20 head on the Z24 block gives worse performance than the Z24 head on a Z24 block? Might be drifting slightly off topic here now but.


Find a Z20 head with 8 plugs, I have one and I have 2 Z22 heads, I cannot tell which one was the Z20 head anymore.