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#1568220 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield.

Posted by Melkor on 02 June 2018 - 09:14 PM

Yep, had that problem when trying to find break shoes/drums, must've ordered them two times before taking extremely careful measurements of the old ones and scouring RockAuto for ones that would fit, 2wd/Rwd designation be damned.


Auto parts are rather frustrating to order honestly, since there's no telling if said part will actually fit or not until it arrives.


Which is why I'm just going to pay the guy working on it at the moment to weld/cut it into the proper shape, rather than play the guessing game on if thisor thisis the right pipe for my truck, because despite the label of being for 2wd or 4wd I've found that said label is...less than reliable.


Might be because of my truck and the guy who owned it before me, might be because of the model changeover, either way it remains an exercise in frustration that I'd rather not deal with.

#1568083 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield.

Posted by Melkor on 01 June 2018 - 09:05 PM

Pretty much yeah, need one to pass smog in California.


Funnily enough after making this thread the guy currently working on my truck offered to fabricate/weld one together when I brought it up, so that problem is (maybe) solved.


Even offered to bring my truck to the smog guys across the street from his shop after doing so since he used to be a smog guy way back in the day, and they know each other, which will (hopefully) make the whole process easier.



Though on the downside the downpipe I ordered didn't fit properly, so it'll be a few days before he can do that since he has to cut/weld it to connect to the rest of the exhaust system.


Such is the life of owning a 720 made on the year they switched models I guess.

#1559492 Pick n Pull

Posted by Melkor on 21 April 2018 - 09:54 AM

Do an inventory search before you go. The Sacramento area pnp’s are pretty crazy, if it’s been on the yard more than a week or two, they’re usually completely stripped.

Ah, well that's good to know.


Unfortunate considering how far away I live, and how long they've been there, but good to know.

yup row52.com search under datsun pickup not under nissan pickup because those are all the D21's.


Check that daily and the second you see one get down there and get what you need will be gone within a month


I signed up for the emails so I get notification right when they get a 720  near my area :D

Mm, yeah looks like there's only three and a half(since one looks pretty picked over) down there that aren't the D21 model, and have been there since February.


...Guess I'll try my luck, but if it's as busy as suggested then I don't expect much.



Hopefully they've left the rear window locks alone, since the guy before me broke it off somehow, and the Nissan website wants like $40 for 'em.


Or the Exhaust Manifolds, but I'm betting those were one of the first things pulled off.

#1559436 Pick n Pull

Posted by Melkor on 20 April 2018 - 11:51 PM



...Funnily enough mine already has that in a nice (if faded) blue colour, and it's the original one too.


Though if I spot another one I'll definitely take it if it's in a good enough condition, since the original one's glue/stitching is pretty worn down.

#1559426 Pick n Pull

Posted by Melkor on 20 April 2018 - 10:39 PM

So I'm likely heading down to a few Pick n Pulls next week, and wondered if I should be on the lookout for any parts in particular when it comes to an '86 720, or compatible 720 parts in general.


Other than the air conditioner, and manual locking hubs that is.

#1558713 Z24i Engine Oil/Filter/Etc...

Posted by Melkor on 17 April 2018 - 06:57 PM

Both of them are White/Blue, which is rather the issue.


I'm guessing the guy before me fiddled with it a bit to do...something.


Maybe the detachable engine light located right past the coolant reservoir, haven't seen one of those in any other Nissan.


Interesting to know about that plug though, do they even do that anymore for trucks this old?  If so colour me surprised.


Though it does appear that the Nissan website is the only place that sells the resistors...besides one guy on Ebay, who wanted $30 for a used one.




So, going back to my other question earlier, is the only place online to get the  front exhaust pipe/front pipe/down pipe/the pipe that connects to the exhaust manifold/whatever...at the Nissan website?


Because I've looked around and that's the only place I can find a OEM/California compliant one, which is rather surprising since I thought there would at least be some used ones floating around.

#1558639 Z24i Engine Oil/Filter/Etc...

Posted by Melkor on 17 April 2018 - 11:39 AM



Would this be it?  Though I have no idea why there are two of them if so.


Or what the thing to the left of them appears to be, since it doesn't lead anywhere.




Edit:   It appears that my uncle lost the OEM down pipe/front pipe that went to the original exhaust manifold, or it got stolen along with said exhaust manifold.


Any idea where to find a new/used (California legal) one outside of hereon the Nissan website?


I've looked around and while Walkers used to be legal, that hasn't been the case since 2009.



Edit2: It does appear that the resistors are gone/fried/corroded, and as I don't have any real electronic places in my town that might sell them, should I just order thesefrom Nissan?

#1558539 Z24i Engine Oil/Filter/Etc...

Posted by Melkor on 16 April 2018 - 08:02 PM

Alas, the only Radio Shack in my town closed down years ago, and even before that all they sold was cell phones, and cell phone accessories.

#1558534 Z24i Engine Oil/Filter/Etc...

Posted by Melkor on 16 April 2018 - 07:41 PM

My bad, I did mean the sender.


Guess I'll have to dig around and see where the guy before me stuffed the resistor then.


Hopefully it's that and not part of the wiring, which would be...irritating to go through to say the least.


Edit:  https://parts.nissan...partcode=25950M


Would this be the right resistor?

#1558531 Z24i Engine Oil/Filter/Etc...

Posted by Melkor on 16 April 2018 - 07:19 PM

So, I just installed a new gauge cluster since my old one was pretty borked thanks to the previous owner spilling coffee all over it, and almost everything works well, which is a nice change of pace considering the old speedometer would fluctuate between not reading at all and going to 60mph+ every other day, and the lights behind it were...not gone, but so dim as to basically not be there.


Definitely keeping the old one though, just in case the clock/fuel gauge/temp gauge on the new one stops working.


Who knows, might be able to refurbish it at some point.



But back to that 'almost', the tachometer still refuses to budge.


I'm guessing it's either the wiring or the resistor from what I've gathered online, but I can't really test the former and I have no idea where the latter is located.




....And the oil PSI gauge, which I've had negative luck finding the location of in the engine in all three of my owners manuals.

#1558064 Z24i Engine Oil/Filter/Etc...

Posted by Melkor on 14 April 2018 - 04:44 PM

After mulling it over I'll likely go for the Rotella T4 as you've suggested, since it'll help clean up the engine(which it needs) and keep it from wearing down any further(which it also needs considering the mileage).


Though I'm stuck on whether to get the 15w-40 or 10w-30, since even though summer is coming up I live in Tahoe, which likes to randomly throw snow/freezing temperatures at everyone as late as early June.



Any recommendations when it comes to oil filters, like say ordering an OEM one from Nissan, should I just get the best Wix one that will fit my truck, or some other brand?



...In hindsight, I probably should have just created a general thread for my truck in one of the other forums, since I'll be asking questions about it for a long time to come.

#1557918 Z24i Engine Oil/Filter/Etc...

Posted by Melkor on 13 April 2018 - 09:13 PM

Greeting, and salutations Ratsun.


So I (somewhat) recently came into possession of a (quite poorly treated) '86 720 4x4, and have just been using Castoral 10w-30 Synthtic High Mileage oil, save for the last change(which was actually a few days before I found this forum) where I used the Mobile 1 10w-30 Synthetic High Mileage oil since it was on sale.


Oh, and some High Mileage Lucas Oil Stabilizer.


However, from what I've been reading on here these oils lack the necessary amounts ZDDP required for older engines.


I've also read (thankfully before I bought one) that Fram filters are absolutely horrible/basically made of tissues or cheap cardboard these days, and that Wix/Napa/Etc filters...are several orders of magnitude better.


So, my first questions (but definitely not the last) on the forum are thus, what is the best oil, and filter for my engine?


Keep in mind that this thing does have over 250k miles on it, and that I live in California with all it's emission related fuckery, which I'm going to have to pass soon*.


Which means the diesel oil that many recommend both for the ZDDP and cleaning effects likely won't fly since that will unfortunately wreck the catalytic converter.




*The truck is currently in Nevada, since I was having a monstrous time finding an OEM exhaust manifold or a California legal header, since the original exhaust manifold was stolen right out of the back of the truck when my uncle (who owned it before me) was working on it.