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1979 Datsun 620 Motorhome, upgrade & restore.

13 February 2018 - 12:19 PM

Hey there, I just got this datsun and I'm looking to see what you guys might suggest for mechanical updates, aswell as the home on its back if you happen to have one.


I do have a particular question about the stickshift transmission reassembly, but first, a short story.


It's an L20b engine, with a 4 speed transmission, I purchased it from a guy who said it was having issues with the clutch: none of the gears would engage.




Ofcourse I found this post after I had it towed.

As it turns out, the the rod coming out of the clutch slave cylinder, which actuates the clutch fork thanglejag, was pushed out half a pinkies length or so; It appeared to function correctly in all respects except for that. When crawled under and gave the bleeder screw a twist, not much fluid came out, even though the master cylinder indicated it was at minimum. The rod promptly slid back in its cylinder, along with the the fork which now allows for full engagement of all gears, without syncro grind. 


So strange this would happen after sitting, what do you make of that? It looks like there used to be a gasket or shim in the engine bay where the master cylinder bolts to the wall but I can't be sure.


After my initial inspection, of the slave cylinder which seemed to be functioning correctly (the mohome was parked in a marshy area and I didn't want to lay in the water for too long), I disassembled the stickshift to check for linkage issues that might stop the transmission from shifting gears, as it turns out, these datsuns have internal linkage stuff, so there wasn't much to see except for 1 bar connected to the stick, and after finding no fault and losing one sirclip I reassembled it.


Well, almost.


See, theres this one large bolt on the side next to the shifter it contains two springs and a third piece with a beveled line across it. Is it supposed to be so effing hard to compress and reinstall? I believe it takes up shift slop? It's in the glove box at the moment.


Also, can you tell me anything about the alternator? I was readjusting the the tension and the bottom bolt seemed to keep turning so I smacked the alternator taught and stopped turning it out of fear.


You guys where very helpfull in that other post by the way, thanks for that.


I'll add footage later :)