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1985 nissan 720 rwd california daily.

22 January 2018 - 12:13 PM

First post here I have gotten some good information from this site thanks to everyone in the community that comes together to help fellow ratsun owners such as myself.

(i will figure out how to get some pictures up here eventually so this makes more sense)

I have a 85' 720 st 3spd auto with z24 with 130k engine 180k total(first owner towed it behind rv some of its life) and I bought it roughly 8 months ago. Last owner replaced dist/cap wires plugs etc. and I installed a 32/36 Weber dgev around 3 months (2000) miles ago. Since ive had the truck I have had a fun time with it intermittently stalling and cutting out and random mishaps..It would run great for a week then it would cut out / stall and wouldn't restart for 10-15 min (thought it was a tank sock problem so replaced the whole tank) never gotten it towed luckily so far only pushed back to the driveway a couple times..
Replaced the fuel pump and filter 4 times each(after 2 decided to switch carbs and after the 3rd one did the tank). I did use stock pumps and they would run me around 2-3 months at a time until they would just *tick* louder and eventually no fuel in bowl..
Replaced the fuel tank and ran pump through the original line and ive also ran rubber fuel line that still connects with a tee to the carb and the return line has a valve to adjust fuel going back into return line.( opened and closed it during my process of diagnostics just to restrict the flow to go to the carb and not back into the tank)
I bought a carter #4070 pump suggested by many Weber owners and they had no complaints at all. I replaced the FPR and installed a 0-5 psi gauge. just deleted everything but egr until i get a plate.. Im pretty sure i have plugged all the intake ports with proper plugs and seal tape.and I have put the filter before the fpr, before the fuel pump(by the tank).
No matter what It reads 4.5 psi. no matter where i move the FPR dial or where i move the filter. (moved it in front of pump to see if it would restrict flow. unsuccessful..) I am out of options and have concluded to hoping that someone here can help me out. The truck will idle, gas is coming out of exhaust (I have muffler off because its shot going to glasspack it or straight pipe from cat-back.) I have not driven it yet because i dont want it to stall out on me again (drove out driveway got up to 3krpm in first gear and shifted, it leaned out and got pushed back.. I have carb cleaned the carb 3-4 times in between different starts and it idles fine and i do get the solid squirt so i know the acc pump functions so its not the carb itself. all im trying to do is get the pressure down to 3 ti tune it and hopefully get her back on the road again so i can begin doing the front suspension...

Really missing my $10 a day in gas rather than $20-25 driving the dads tundra.