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In Topic: 1985 nissan 720 rwd california daily.

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

Alright just got in the mail my reg for my truck and turns out that it needs smog for some reason even though the last owner did it for me when i put the truck in my name a week after i bought it last year. So my options are selling it as-is. Going to a diff state. Attempt at a stock manifold cover. Or putting orig parts back on?

I have old carb and can get fittings and hose. My egr is still on the truck and i still have my vapor/gas canister. I would just need to rebuild carb which im confident I could do. Just worried about failing visual because of the fuel pump or there is one vaccum hose that I never chase down.

Any other ideas on how to get by this? I thought requirement was every other year in cali. I was not expecting this and my camaro just broke down on me so im relying on my truck a lot. I know its 2 months out but I need to see how to get through this to continue driving it in the future.

In Topic: 84 720 starter or ignition problems?

09 June 2018 - 10:55 AM

when you turn the key is there just nothing from the starter? Check for loose cable at starter and replace the ignition switch would be the first steps. you could always hook up a push start button for it and bypass.

In Topic: 720 Weber z24 WOT dies out

07 June 2018 - 02:26 PM

It sounds like fuel cut because your on a hill and gunning it so your using whats in the fuel bowl and the stock pump isnt pushing enough gph to supply going up hill. I will suggest the carter 4070 pump because it is a high gph 75gph low psi pump perfect for webers as its output is about 5psi and get a good fuel pressure regulator i suggest holley 12-803 with any low psi 1-10 fuel rated pressure gauge hooked right on the front side of the fpr so you can pop the hood and easily see whats happening. it might be pricy compared to stock stuff but ive been dailying this setup for 4 months now and ZERO issues at all.

The temp gauge is a VERY common issue with 720s there are many forums on it.. your thermo is most likely sticking open. put a higher temp thermo on it and it will raise it up a bit. many gauges read about that on street and when on highway mine goes under the 2nd squiggly thing i believe i put a 185 in it.

you can also place the pump lower than the tank to gravity feed it better.



In Topic: 720 Weber z24 WOT dies out

06 June 2018 - 08:14 AM

Is the return line restriction that little pot looking thing that sits on top of the fuel tank? I took a picture of it the other day when I was changing my fuel filter because I didn't know what it was

It's a one way valve to prevent gas expolsion if you roll over i think its actually connected to the evap line.. see my thread i replaced my whole gas tank and plenty of pictures. the y should be a big metal line which goes down through the intake on stock carbs and you may or may not have moved it to loop your fuel line behind the carb and in. 


I heard somewhere that weber 32/36 is too much cfm for the engine and when WoT the secondary just opens for air so try running richer to compensate for the mass air the secondary pushes. I havnt modified my jets on mine but i run 3.2psi and little rich to cruise at 70mph and have to slowly open secondary to prevent bog. but if you try to open it under 3k its just gonna hate it. 


on phone I open post image and the comment section that im trying to write in on another tab.

put image into postimage and take the "hotlink for forum" link and I paste it right into the comment and it pops up just fine after you post it.


EDIT: sorry i just looked on my topic and i guess my pictures expired... 

In Topic: I need some help please

04 June 2018 - 11:55 AM

Well hello again!


I know it's been a while but I wanted to post an update in case it might help in the future.


I finally got around to working on the truck again.  Decided to bite the bullet and pulled the carb (wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be) I discovered on the smaller barrel (if that's what you call it) there is a oval channel on the side partially covered by the butterfly and when I adjust the idle speed screw you can see more.  LIGHTBULB!  This must be where it gets it's air for the idle?  Well it was full of gunk.


I cleaned it out and the four ports next to it as well and the pilot jet directly underneath the butterfly.  Put it all back together and on the truck and OH MY GOD it idles!!!!


I adjusted the idle speed screw and the other one that was covered by the plug and got it idling smoothly and at a normal sounding RPM.  Put everything back on thinking I was done and fired it up again to let it idle for a bit and right when I put my last tool away it started sputtering and bellowing white smoke out the exhaust until finally it died.  By the time I got over to it I could hear fuel dripping and the whole side of the carb was covered.  Started it again and fuel was flooding out of the top of the bowl (haven't pinpointed where exactly yet) after the cleaning and before I put it all back together I gave the float a final tweak to get the level right in the center of the dot and it stayed there the whole time it ran until it overfilled and flooded the engine.


Now it will continue to do this cycle, open the bowl clean the needle and the seat put all back together, verify fuel level in sight glass, run for 1-2 minutes, overfill bowl, flood and die.


Is my fuel pump overpowering the needle you think?  Or maybe I need to pull the seat and clean better?  Why would the level be where it needs to be for a minute then suddenly overfill?  If I adjust the float more it won't be set on the dot.  Maybe tighten it up a little to where it's just below the dot and see if it seals?




Thanks again for all your help on this guys.

if you have a mechanical pump the pressure can be adjusted. it is located by the carb maybe behind it. If its a stock carb the stock electric pump shouldn't be pushing too much psi. if you really think its flooding check float level and make sure the spring or whatever stops when the fuel reaches center of clear hole on carb works.. If you think the pump is pushing too much psi put a regulator before the carb after the filter. anywhere in between the line will suffice. I DO NOT suggest the mr.gasket one because mine failed and I was tracking it down for months. this will tell you a lot about your fuel system right away and it will be easier to diagnose what to do next. If you havn't already I would replace the fuel filter as it can cause issues itself and is an $8 2 minute job. You might be missing a gasket somewhere if you have fuel dumping out the side of the carb. 



you can see my thread if you wanna read through it i'm sure you will find some useful information. (chasing down fuel issue 85' z24 weber 32/36)