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Possible J13 for sale. Any interest?

18 March 2018 - 06:02 PM

So I'm thinking about swapping my 520 with something with some more juice. Anyone interested in a stock J13 and transmission out of a '66 520? 


I'm located in Denver, CO. Any offers? Trying to see what its worth to get a fair price out of it. Didn't know if this was best for the classifieds or what.

'66 520 - Mile High

30 December 2017 - 03:06 PM

What's up everyone!


Been posting about my project in the 520 thread, so I thought I'd make an official project thread about it.

Here's my 1966 520, located in Denver.





Currently working on gutting the interior to repaint/sound deaden/bed liner everything. Lots of holes to plug up.




Also notice this botched accelerator cable, anyone have any leads to a new pedal assembly and cable?




My coworker is reupholstering the bench seat for me. Got this vintage patch to sew into it. A nice little detail.




Thanks for checking it out, and for everyone that's helped me so far.

Shifter Play?

26 December 2017 - 11:47 AM

So on my '66 520 there seems to be a lot of play in the shifter (Not sure which transmission it is, kinda new here) I'm pretty sure its the 4 speed manual.


Its just kinda hard to find 3rd, wondering if there's anything I can do to tighten it up?

Mile High 520

19 December 2017 - 06:52 PM

New member and owner here! Hanging out at a mile high in Denver and scored this '66 520. Haven't done much to it yet. Pulled the seat out and seat belts. Having a friend reupholster the seat. Thinking of ditching the adjustable slider rails and hard mounting it for some extra headroom (I'm 6'3" and hit my head going over bumps). Got plans on redoing the wiring, lots of bad patchwork, I just want to start from scratch and clean it up, do a wire tuck.


Driver side door needs a little love. The spot welds connecting the inner and outer panels are shot so the door hits the body. Not much else. Floor is solid and clean, now that the mice are gone.


Here's how it sits today with what I got done before the sun went down.

















Stock '66 520 Wheel Specs

18 December 2017 - 08:54 PM

New member/owner here. Trying to get some numbers on the stock '66 520 wheel size and offset. What are some options that have worked for you before to size up? 16's? Keeping the disk brake upgrade kit on here in mind for later.


Thanks for your help