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Odd how you always claim sarcasm as though you weren't taking a jab.




Always claim sarcasm?  When have I previously made this claim?  I think you may have confused me with someone else lol


I've posted meme's and made comments clearly poking at both sides.  The only other things I've posted about have been general holes in argumentative styles.



In all truth, the only thing I truly believe about politics is that the government is filled with lying, cheating, and swindling pieces of shit that haven't had our back since the creeping backroom influence of lobbyists, and the idea of a prosperous lifetime "career" in politics, began their slow creep into brokered power since the 50's.  This is an issue for both main parties, and would be for any other parties if they actually had a snowballs chance in hell of becoming a successful participant in the political realm. 


Our system is broken, and has been for too long to be simply "drained" for course correction, regardless of personal party affiliation.  It would truly take an unlikely and unfavorable anarchists revolution to fix the cesspool that has formed in DC, that has been allowed to trickle its infectious ooze all the way down into even the smallest City Hall.  The idea that only one strict view, without any room for negotiation or cooperation to find middle ground is so asinine, yet it is honestly how too many politicians and citizens think it should be in this age. 


The fall of the Roman Empire has many similarities that we still haven't learned a single thing from, despite having it drilled into our heads in history class lol



And I'll show myself out at this point...

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13 December 2017 - 04:33 PM

Hang'em out to dry in the court of public opinion and let nature take it's course is the new way of doing business.


Once accused, there's little to no way to walk away from it clean, regardless of the validity of the claim.





And yes, before some knotted panties have to tell me, I know it's not brand new to do this, it's just a colloquialism to describe the situation...

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13 December 2017 - 03:44 PM

What you fail to grasp is the means of the word "too". You take my words out of context and project into it what you want to believe. Obviously you assume I'm a liberal judging conservatives, but if you actually read the conversation between me and John, you'd know I don't support the concept or intent of sanctuary city, and I totally support states in deciding what's best for them. These were conservative viewpoints last I checked.


My point is I'm sick of both sides flip flopping back and forth in their interpretation of the 10th amendment to promote or condemn states laws as it serves them. You either respect the right of states to decide for themselves or you don't. If you don't like what your governor is doing, vote for someone you agree with. If you don't like what another state is doing, you don't have to live there so deal with it.


It's funny to me how every time I interject in this thread, it's immediately thrown out that I've out of context quoted or haven't read the conversations.  Just because I don't post on the regular in here doesn't mean I don't check in, without logging in, to read damn near every post.


It's also odd how I'm told I assumed someone's stance on the regular.  None of my statements are from a "side", I protect no one candidate or political party.  My posts have been observance of statements made in here without any added meaning on my part.


I didn't read jack shit out of context, I read it and the intent of the statement was to say If they don't do it, why should we, which is as I said, is a fallacy. 


The last bit of the post, that should have been easily spotted to be sarcasm and not a pointed comment...which you assumed it was.