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In Topic: 84 720 Z24 TRANS

03 March 2018 - 05:38 PM

The shifter doesnt really move back all that far. The hole has to be opened up for the trans to have room to be maneuvered into place due the the tail housing being bigger. Datzenmike has a great suggestion. I had a spare trans and didnt wanna spend money i didnt have to. Plus the trucks are rare around me.

In Topic: 84 720 Z24 TRANS

28 February 2018 - 03:14 PM

The write up is actually pretty simple lol. 

I started by unbolting the driveshaft and removing it and the center support bearing bracket. 

Then I proceeded to unhook the speedometer cable and any harness connectors on the trans.

Unbolted the slave cylinder.

Disconnected shifter lever.

Unbolted trans crossmember and mount.

Unbolted bellhousing.

Lowered trans to ground.


The ka trans will HAVE to have the shifter removed.

I cut the hole for the shifter open towards the rear and additional 6-8 inches and about an 1in total in width more than the already existing hole.

I unbolted the pressure plate and dropped it and the clutch out.

Then I proceeded to lifting the trans into place. 

Jacking up on the rear of the engine helped alot here.

Once the trans is sitting on the main crossmember, I then installed the clutch and pilot tool and bolted in the pressure plate.

Wiggle trans forward for bellhousing mating. 

Remove the speedo sleeve and install into KA trans.

Reconnect the speedo cable and any wiring/sensors.


Basically done at this point. The only thing to do here is to either fab a mount/crossmember or dremmel the holes SLIGHTLY farther back to make everything bolt up properly. 

Then you are onto the slave cylinder and driveshaft.

The slave will have to be from an s chassis as the hose is mounted to the slave a little different and the 720 slave will hit the bellhousing stopping it from being able to bolt up.

The driveshaft, in my case, 2wd KC, will need shortened roughly 4in. 

Shifter access is easily achieved after enlarging this hole in the tunnel so you can fill the trans once the driveshaft is in. 

Install shifter plate. 


I do not know how much of this can be used with a 4wd nor do I know if any measurements will be the same. 

Attempt at your own risk.

In Topic: Bonded Titles?

28 February 2018 - 02:36 PM

What companies have you guys used in the past? Have one right now that I bought from a guy who sent in all the paperwork. It was a NC title and he lives in SC. He was planning to make it a shop truck but ended up not having time to work on it. Three weeks after purchase I agree to buy it. Was initially going to wait on the title but some things came up and it was either get it or miss out on it and the other I was getting from him. So now, I have my 83 with nothing more than a bill of sale from him to me. This is the same truck I just swapped the KA trans into so I could start getting it "operable" for a DMV inspection.

In Topic: 84 720 Z24 TRANS

27 February 2018 - 06:30 PM

For future reference, from centerline of the front u-joint to the centerline of the rear for a s13 trans the driveshaft will measure 55" or 56.5" from front u-joint to diff flange. This is all in a king cab

In Topic: 84 720 Z24 TRANS

25 February 2018 - 12:06 PM

I wish. Gotta measure and call a driveshaft shop.