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Alternative dizzy cams

28 January 2018 - 03:29 PM

Has anyone played around with the idle ignition timing and swapping to a different advance cam in an L series distributor?

The reason I ask is: on a stock smog R16 in a Roadster, there’s a 17.5 cam, idle timing is set to zero, and since total advance is twice the number stamped on the cam, you get 35 degrees max advance. When you recurve the dizzy and remove the smog stuff, timing is set to 15-16 BTDC, and you put a 7.5 cam in. Total advance ends up about the same, and the engine runs much better from the higher advance at idle.

Secondly, I have a dual points dizzy that I converted to single, and would like to modify to accept a #1741 Pertronix kit. The roadster cams are the right dimensions to accept the magnet ring in the Pertronix kit.

So what do people think, could I run a 7.5 Roadster cam in my dizzy and set idle timing a bit higher on my L16.

Just bought a 521

13 September 2017 - 04:54 AM

Hey Guys,


Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 32, live in eastern Massachusetts, and I'm a bit of a Nissan/Datsun nut. My first car was a 1993 D21 2WD, lowered. I've also had a 1996 Maxima SE 5spd, 2008 Frontier 6 spd, and now a 2012 Xterra Pro-4x 6spd that I wheel.


I bought my first Datsun 6 years ago, a 1968 Roadster 1600 that I've been restomodding for a while. Rebuilt the R16 and trans, along with pretty much everything else. It has a "big brake" Altima/Volvo conversion on it, and dealer option Appliance mesh wheels. The body has been repaired before and is rough, but it looks good from 20 feet or so.


On Monday I picked up a 1971 521 and have been starting to go through it. A lot of the ball joints boots are melting (seems to be a common Datsun theme) and the king pins are a bit worn but not horrible. The body is in decent shape, aside from the rockers. For the time being, I'm going to redo the horrid brakes (they don't look like they've been touched in a while) and think about a disc upgrade in the future.


I ordered upper control arms bushings, new brake shoes, KYB gas-a-justs, and tension rod bushings to get me started. The king pins don't seem to be much of a safety concern, so I'll put them on the list for later.


Future plans: Hella e-code H4's w/relay re-wire, GM 1-wire alternator swap, front lip, lower it, and first gen Frontier 6-spoke wheels.