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In Topic: Just bought a 521

Today, 09:09 AM

I'm swinging two ways right now: 18" Titan steelies, or 15x7" these:


In Topic: Just bought a 521

Today, 05:41 AM

Thanks for the heads up. Mike's front kit is nice since he includes the spacers.

Mike, if you're reading this, what do you have in stock right now? Are any of the old steel kits kicking around, or just aluminum now?

In Topic: Just bought a 521

Today, 04:49 AM

Japanese car day at Larz? I'm not sure yet. Would be fun to take the truck, but I need to get these brakes sorted and the bench seat is killing my back. Whoever did the reupholstery did a crap ass job and the bench is super squishy. That coconut hair crap is awful. I can't believe they put that stuff back in.

This winter I'll be doing a disc conversion. Crash, what M/C did you decide to go with?

In Topic: Just bought a 521

Today, 04:08 AM

And by jerky, I mean they pulsate. It's not horrible, but it makes me think that something isn't right.

In Topic: Just bought a 521

Today, 02:15 AM

Well, I drove this thing all over town yesterday, and now I'm longing for disc brakes. I took it for a state inspection and it passed no problem. I noticed that the brakes got progressively more "jerky" as the day went on. The new drum that I put on in the rear was getting HOT, so I backed it off a little bit.