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620 disc brakes. (which do you use?)

12 September 2017 - 01:31 PM

I am thinking of updating my brake system and wanted to know what types of caliper sets you guys use on your trucks.


my current set up is TOKICO B12 9 single piston calipers. not bad, but aren't sold in the US to my knowledge so thinking of swapping out for new ones.


oh and they fit my original 14 inch rims.

BLADE exhaust filter, scam or cat converter alternative?

03 September 2017 - 07:30 AM


Has anyone heard of these before?


Here's a link to their site. would like to hear everyone's 2 cents on em.



1976 Datsun 620 stock Tachometer disconnected.

24 August 2017 - 04:27 PM

1976 Datsun 620 normal cab, longbed. has stock tach in the bezel.


there's no clear plug in to connect it to just the plug all the cables from the back of the gauge meet at.



there's what appeared to be leftover cables from a tach to under the hood. I stripped to  clean connection and crimped screw ring mounts. followed the cables under the dash and they had been cut to a dead end except for the black cable which it crimped into a pink/red and orange stripped cable which appears to go nowhere as it is wadded into a bunch of cables that seem to have no end either except for two a orange and a yellow.



my first question is with the existing cables can I connect them to the gauge or to a plug that will fit the gauge.

as I am not electrically savvy when it comes to Datsun's yet I am looking for guidance on this. 

New Member and First Time Datsun Owner

15 August 2017 - 06:51 PM

Hello Ratsun! 

I just bought a 1976 Datsun 620. got a lot of work ahead of me and am reaching out to the community to educate me on my restoration of this truck. (talking to you King Rat :P)


as it stands Ratsun.net has not had the best time with photo posting so if you want photos to help with guiding me through my many newbie questions you can feel free to pm me for my email or phone number.


the PU is a 620 longbed thats been lowered (fixing that) on 195/70/r15's the speedo is terribly off. the RPM gauge doesn't work thankfully its an automatic. then typical interior wear and damage. I have most the service manual but a mouse made its home in the glove box at some point.

I got original tires with it to re adjust to dial my speedo and actually be able to take a speed bump at 10mph...

my seat isnt orginal its a blue bench seat from a later model nissan. 


engine is an L20 with what I believe is a downdraft weber carb? not exactly sure.


current issues;


Dash wont light up but my oil light works. 


wont start all the time I think its the battery or the starter.


brake booster is dead to the world real stiff brake pedal.(could also be brake cylinder but it looks clean and maintained.


what oil thickness is best in the PNW? 5w30?


electric fan doesn't always run. cleaned connectors and re-wrapped all splicing spots, works for now.


going to try and take the lowering blocks and reverse it to a slight lift but not trying to take away from fuel economy.


missing the logo clip for my grill sadly.


got some dents and surface rust but no real damage until you get under the battery but that can be bondo'd up just fine I assume.


odometer reads 35k miles assuming its 135k miles on it.


missing tailgate handles and have bolt locks on the inside of the tailgate.


current color flat black but will repaint as white with a blacktop hood and cab top.


I'll update my findings as i go through the truck and work on it.