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'81 720 Wheel center caps

05 February 2018 - 06:25 AM

I have stock steel wheels on a 1981 720 King Cab.  Absolutely no luck finding a center cap that will fit this truck.  Nothing offered on Ebay that actually fits.  What they do have is mislabeled for a 720 and are the larger caps for the D21s.  The big problem is finding out how aftermarket center caps are measured.  Does anyone know if they are designated by the actual hole size in the rim they fit in or through?  Has anyone had any luck finding a  source for these caps?  Will caps from another Datsun model cross over?  Thanks for any advice.

1981 720 need parts source for DN480-14 distributor

14 June 2017 - 06:31 PM

1981 King Cab, z22, 2wd, manual trans., Weber, emissions deleted


Got around to the distributor today...... trash.  This thing must have been running at exactly five degrees BTC throughout the entire rpm range for years.  I looked at the typical sources like Rockauto and Nissan Parts for the vac can, breaker plate, mech. advance springs etc. No luck on those for the DN480-14 distributor.  It seems the Cardone 31-622 reman. distributor is the only offering out there.  NAPA is just throwing their part number on the same distributor and charging an extra 20 bucks.  I went ahead and ordered one of those from Rockauto to get me back up and running.

I'm concerned about this thing coming with the right springs and vac can on it.  Easy enough to figure out how it is curved when I get it installed and get a timing light on it. I can see if it is even close to what the service manual says it should be.  I'm also concerned about the quality....... I know they ain't replacing all the goodies in there for 90 bucks and some change.  I would like to repair the one I removed and "put it on the shelf".


To my point.  Any one have a source for new parts or know if there are any aftermarket new distributors available for the z22 motor.  As always thanks for the help.

1981 720 King Cab 2WD gas motor rear brake line

06 June 2017 - 04:41 PM

I can not access the flare nut on the frame side of the rear brake line. Here's where I've been on this:
- Jacked up, on stands, rear wheels removed
- Pass. side axle bumper removed
- tubing wrench will grip but no clearance to turn from any position
- tubing crows foot will grip but no clearance for ratchet, swivel, extension of any combination or size drive

Is there some secret trick to this because it is sure looking like the options are drop the fuel tank, take out the bed bolts and jack that up or cut a window in a box end and put fire to the handle and bend up a custom wrench. If anyone has run in to this I could use some advice. Thanks

Trouble finding parts

04 March 2017 - 03:59 PM

Hello all,  

just purchased a pretty clean '81 Datsun 720.  I'm the second owner and the original appears to have been on top of repairs and maintenance.  Whenever I buy a new used vehicle I usually go over it pretty thoroughly.  I am noticing the local parts houses have very few parts in stock for this truck and what can be ordered is not stocked at their local warehouse either.  Perfect example is I am looking for heater hoses and the one from the water pump to the fitting on the bottom of the intake manifold. Z22 engine.  I find nothing from anyone other than cut to fit. Brake hoses, radiator hoses, motor mounts and simple things like that seem to be in short supply.  I'm curious what happens when I need a wiper motor or a fan clutch.  Brake parts seem to be fairly easily had.  Does anyone have a good supplier for replacement parts for these trucks.  I browsed the forums and did not see any mention of this.  That's not to say this hasn't been hashed out already.  Thanks for the help.