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Brake Issues....Part II: Keep Getting Air From Front Calipers

24 March 2017 - 05:52 PM

Hey guys, did a 280zx front brake swap on my 510. New pads, new brake hoses, new 280z 7/8" master cylinder...

The rear brakes bled easy.

The front is another story. I will get air bubbles from the passenger front caliper bleeder a couple of times, then it's good. Same with the driver side. But the 1st push of the pedal is soft, but the immediate second pump is firm. Wait a second and the first pump is soft again. If I go back to the passenger front caliper....air again. Same with the driver side. I can literally go side to side and get air, then nothing. Checked all connections at least a dozen times, even put a white towel under the car and not a drop. All connections are dry as a popcorn fart.

510 280zx Brake Setup....New 7/8" Master....No Fluid Getting to Calipers

18 March 2017 - 01:50 PM

Hey guys, been messing with my 1970 Goon. Put a 280zx front strut assemblies and brakes. New pads, new (not reman) 7/8" master cylinder bench bled using the bleeder screws on the side of the master cylinder.

Started bleeding brakes on the rear using some tubing into a jar of brake fluid, went great. Moved onto the front and can't get any air or even fluid moving to the calipers. Left both the bleeders open overnight to attempt to gravity bleed them, still nothing.

I can pump the pedal and it gets firmer, but still not a drop of fluid out of either the caliper bleeders.

The calipers still move around by hand since the pistons haven't taken up the slack between the rotors and pads.

So now what? The calipers came from a recently running 280zx. They moved fine when I opened them to fit the new pads, so they aren't frozen.


Not quite a barn find, but close....

07 March 2017 - 09:57 AM

Hey guys, this is my 4th Datsun, second 510. My first Datsun was a 510 2 door. Found this Goon sitting in Fiddletown, CA. Belonged to a customer of mine. Her husband used it for hauling meat for his meat cutting business. He parked it in 2005 after retiring, then died in 2012. I asked if it was for sale and she and her daughter were happy to sell.

I originally was going to just get it running then sell it, but I might hold onto it for awhile. The original L16 had been swapped out for a L20B at some point. Everything else except the seats are original.

The tires, brakes, and clutch hydraulics were all shot.

I ordered new tires and wheels for it immediately, Konig Rewinds 15x7 wearing Nitto 205/50/15 tires.

I also scored some 280zx front strut assemblies from a parted out 1982. Used some T3 sleeves and hat and converted to coilover using some springs from Summit 175 in/lbs.

I also ordered a brand new Weber DGV carburetor kit, electronic ignition kit, plugs, wires, 280z master brake cylinder, stock clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, etc. All fluids are getting replaced too, just for good measure.

Anyway....progress so far. Hope to get it running again this weekend...if the rain stops for more than 10 mins.