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Lunch Box Carrier/Trucky McTruckface

05 June 2017 - 09:04 PM

So I bought my great Gramps 1991 Chevy S10 with the 2.8L V6 and 107k on the clock and it runs pretty good (it is coming to Canby).

It kinda screams Gramps with the cap on, looks a lot better with the cap off. I just put some regular Les Schwab Eclipses on there because it is gonna see a lot of miles.


It has one of the best rides I have felt in a long time so I don't really feel like Moaaaaar looooooooooooooooooooow on this one, a body kit and 17 inchers with a cowl induction hood would be nice.

Also the whole thing is more bone stock than a pacer and maintained like the golden gate bridge.

So far I have fixed the AC, oil change, just basic stuff really. washed and waxed (paint is super faded but the whole rig is basically rust free). It needs new shocks desperately, but other than that and a tank of ethanol trash it is basically good. Do any of you guys have experience with these? Mods? It is not bad on power, especially when compared to a Z24.

Also it desperately needed a name.

Parts truck build/One wasn't enough

01 April 2017 - 09:00 PM

I have officially caught the Datsun fever and now I have two.


I have been watching craigslist for about 7 months looking for a parts truck and I thought that I had finally found one, an 86 720 "running on 2 cylinders" with no title and a rusted out bed. So I went to Yakima and picked it up last night, and sadly it was running good enough to take it for a test drive, and it has a rebuilt tranny that feels AMAZING and a brand new clutch it just sounds terrible and is down on power. So the guy is going to work with me on the title thing and if I can't get that fixed then it will be a parts truck for sure, otherwise you guys might be able to convince me to drop the front end or maybe make a flat bed dually, totally looking for input on this one. I will do a wet and dry compression test and check for spark on the plugs (seriously hoping for a spark issue because I can easily fix that, valves or heads make me nervous). It had an optima in it so I was super jacked up about that, but then he took it out.  :confused:  :crying:  :yawn:







Seriously clean weber install





















oh and no power steering. And it has a surprisingly clean coolant reservoir, it kinda looks like it was parked under a carport with the back end hanging out and the cab mostly covered. That or used to haul saltwater at the Bonneville races (although underneath it looks very solid).

My first pickup

22 February 2017 - 09:09 PM

I purchased my 4wd 1986 and 0 720 pickup about six months ago from a family friend who decided he was done messing with it for $900. It did not run. I had been looking for a small pickup that could get good gas mileage and haul around my tools for summer work (still working on the MPG part), I was looking at toyotas and Nissans and trying to figure out which one to go with and now I am sold on the Nissan/Datsuns. After messing with it for a couple hours we fixed stuff like spark plug being backwards and messing up the firing order and got it kinda running.




After getting it home we went to get fuel but it did not make it to the filing station and left us on the side of the road, so we eventually figured out it was the ignition control module due to information on this forum, so I bought one at Oreillys (oops) then after burning up three of them I asked for my money back and paid more for a descent one. It was still undrivably gutless so we advanced the timing all the way and cleaned up the carb and fixed air leaks and stuff, but it could still barely climb a hill. Then my mom was driving it across the bridge at rush hour and we figured out what was wrong, the timing chain tension-er was in the oil pan and she was high and dry. The valves had contacted pistons and it was sucking air from the exhaust and blowing it out the carb. I was gonna buy and 720 84 with a blown up trans to donate my trans to, but it sold before I made it to pick it up and out of sheer tenacity decided to keep going with this 720. So I had a friend pull out the 1985 engine and put in a used 1984 engine from a wrecking yard at 236931 miles (yeah it is on its third engine). Now it works most of the time. I did break pads a couple days ago and have a line on some manually locking hubs, new fenders, and I need a tailgate and a couple other things. I have made a couple posts since I joined a couple days ago, but I decided I needed a build thread as this is not going to be a quick and easy project. It still leaves me on the side of the road regularly (read about once a week), but it is a good first rig to learn on and thrash. What seats can go in these? Mine are shot and I will be making a run to the wrecking yard soon.












1986 720 Gauges not working

19 February 2017 - 09:35 PM

My 720 is having a few weird electrical issues, none of the gauges work, and the left bumper mounted turn signal is sporadic. The oil pressure sensor, fuel gauge, alternator amperage gauge, and the hand brake light doesn't work (not sure about speedometer and temp gauge as I have not driven it around since these issues developed). Thursday night I unplugged the turn signals and pulled my bumper out (it had been dented in, it is aftermarket), then I applied dielectric grease to the bumper mounted turn signal connections and plugged them back in and the both worked. Then I physically mounted a pair of fog lights and have not wired them yet except for adding a wiretap to the fuse block and unplugging the old switch (which I plugged back in again). Then I fired it up to go somewhere and the battery light came on and none of the gauges worked. My battery is giving 12.5 volts without the truck running and 13.8 at idle varying directly with engine rpm and load. Is there a fuse-able link or a fuse that powers all of the gauges? Or a wiring harness or ground that would come loose?

If there is a thread with this already please point me in that direction. I am a new member and the 720 is my first vehicle so no detail is too small and no knowledge to common.