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In Topic: New ratsun 720

Today, 02:47 PM

86 the pace setter headers and use the money to go 2.25 inch exhaust. Also the LSDs are not super easy to come by or cheap, check out clumsy birds thread for a bit of discussion on this (720 section "layman's guide to a beater").

You will also want to re-torque your headbolts, adjust your valve lash (I have u tube videos on these topics), consider replacing antifreeze and lower hose rad hose.

In Topic: Changing CV axle

Today, 08:38 AM

The easiest way to make absolutely certain you have the correct one is, before you take the old axel out, but have the hub removed. Slide the hub over the end of the new CV and if it fits tight then you are good to pull the old one, if the hub doesn't fit good then you have the wrong CV.

In Topic: Changing CV axle

Today, 08:18 AM

As long as you got for an 85 you should be good. Just check the spline count.

In Topic: Changing CV axle

Yesterday, 10:23 PM

I haven't got a write up, you put it on jack stands, pull of the wheels/tires.
Remove the hubs.
Remove the little snap ring things.
Remove shock so wishbone goes up and down easy.
I think you do have to remove top ball joint.
Undo the bolts that hold the CVs on.
Pull off CVs, put in new ones and pray they are the right size.
Reverse and do the stuff I can't remember.

In Topic: Parts truck build/One wasn't enough

12 January 2018 - 08:16 AM

If you plan to bend everything yourself, then just buy a few extra feet of pipe to allow for incorrect bends, and buy some flanges and some hanger rod.

Or buy a bunch of bends of you can figure up approx what you will need.

But if you've no place to do it the question is academic. If you need exhaust now, then you need to have it done for you.

The question was fairly academic, it's not a priority. If I could do it easily then I would do it now, I think I will wait a couple weeks until I have some more $$$$$ then pay somebody else.