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In Topic: Speed bleeders for 521?

Today, 02:50 AM

They are actually sold at all parts store , pair for about $10 or so...
I haven't verified threads... these are what I believe dp was looking at for the drum brake wheel cylinders...
I did the disk conversion up front so I need to see what those threads are too.. they should be metric....

In Topic: A 521 in Massachusetts

Yesterday, 02:41 PM

Worked on the lower hinges today...
Much easier time getting these done ...
Same pin as what I used on the top hinge, had to cut about an inch off the length..
Also didn't need to use the Bushings on both the lower hinges, just the pins...

In Topic: Speed bleeders for 521?

Yesterday, 11:44 AM

D.p. I had to look those up, I actually never heard of those but they seem great... might pick up some before I have to bleed my setup. ..

In Topic: Post-tits $1.99

Yesterday, 02:25 AM

She has a nose ring.... oh ya i need to look up...

In Topic: A 521 in Massachusetts

22 April 2017 - 04:21 PM

I got nothing in response to charlie...

A thanks goes out to mike klotz, ordered one of his pushrods for my master cylinder, looks like I should have that monday....
Also Got the tires swapped on today... can't wait to see how it sits now since I had 2 different sizes front and rear before, and they were both way to tall..