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Need help with ka24e swap!

12 February 2018 - 05:17 PM

Hello, thank you for reading.

I have Ben slowly working on a single can ka swap into my 720. I had it running a few weeks ago, everything was ok except the idle was a little bit shifty 900+\-100rpm. I took it for a maiden voyage to start breaking in the motor. 30 min drive on my way back home it died, I thought I ran out of gas. Got gas, manages to fire it up but it would just barely idle regardless of the throttle input. :/ I had it towed home that night.

I finally got around to working on it today. Still can't get it to start. Confused, I started troubleshooting. Fuel, check, nice spray pattern/ injector pulse, 42 psi from pump. Firing order 1342 CCW. Strong spark check, although the plugs were soaked in fuel. Checked cam and crank timing, and then when I got to the disteibutor, I noticed that in the furthest left (ccw) position possible it was a few degrees shy(retarted) from cyl#1 with motor at tdc#1 compression stroke. So I figured I will have to drain the oil and pull the oil pump to reset the dizzy position.

I decided to test my findings, so I pulled the bolts out of distributor clamp to allow it for further adjustment and turned it a few more degrees cw, to line up with #1 plug. It started easily but idled poorly (misfire?) and it was impossible to rev up past 2k exhaust smelled like fuel. I'm getting really crazy with this swap, I'm mostly confused and can't figure it out.

What could change my timing this much? Anything to look out for ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Frontier shocks?

04 December 2017 - 02:09 PM

i have a used set of 2017 frontier shocks for sale locally at a good deal. anyone know of the top of their heads if i can use these on a 2wd stock height 720?