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To keep or to bypass? 77 620 NLSV, with front disc swap.

20 April 2017 - 12:15 PM

So to start I won these brackets awhile back for my 77 620 to convert my front drums to disc, an finally decided to put them on. They seem to be the older style brackets I believe so they take the Honda or Isuzu rotors an hardbody 4x4 calipers. I had just realized this yesterday. I was using the 85 2wd hardbody hubs/rotor/ an calipers. I quick to learn those did not fit correctly an didn't even fit right in the spindle an had wheel slop. Funny thing I installed them an drove around the neighborhood testing the brakes an when I turned the calipers would engage cuz of all the wheel slop....wow that was dumb... anywho I now know I need the correct rotors etc.. I also am running the 1" wilwood MC so I know its plenty big but it is the disc/disc MC but they claim it's universal an will work with disc/drum, drum/drum aswell.

So when I would bleed the brakes I would get pressure no prob. (Did this multiple times also bench bled the master before installing) So I put the wheels back on, dropped her down an took off. Brakes were ok for a sec but then sink to the floor. Not realizing that I have a NLSV till yesterday I'm thinking this is my problem.

I'm not sure to try an delete the NLSV an add my own proportioning valve an lines, or I would still be able to use the NLSV with disc up front an drums in rear. I rly dont mind getting rid of the NLSV just to keep things simple an easy to bleed. I tried researching it but nothing about if it in disc swap.

Also last ? Is what hubs am I supposed to use with these disc swap brackets?
I will try an post some pics here soon. Thanks for reading.