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Need advice on replacing piston rings B210 A-14

11 January 2018 - 10:47 AM

Hey gang! I'm ready to put in these new piston rings & I just wanted to get some advice or tips before I start on anything I should know from experienced Datsun folks. This will be my first time doing rings, and I run into any snafoos I'm blaming you all! Haha. Just kiddin'.

I'm pretty confident I can do a nice job on this project. I've done a few head gasket jobs, and also a few new timing chains, and they've all been successful. Plus a whole slew of other restoration type adventures involving the engine, complete cylinder head rebuild, carburetor & the entire fuel system, brake system, electrical, etc.

I'd like to start with how to remove the Pistons. So once I have the cylinder head and oil pan removed, what do I do next?

Stock Hitachi carb specs for a '77 B210??

02 March 2017 - 03:34 PM

Bought car this last June. It came with a re-maned 4 year old carb on it. It's the stock carb forsure. It has never run right since I got it. It usually runs pretty good once it gets really warmed up & going, but then it will die after trying to accelerate from a stop. Pulled the carb out and noticed the primary venturi was upside down. When I corrected the problem & tried to start it,it proceeded to DUMP a ton of gas into the intake chamber to point of it leaking outside of the carb because it was so full. I removed the whole thing, so I could clean it & try to figure out what might be wrong. Only thing that looked out of whack (not sure though) is the primary & secondary main air bleeds might be switched. Luckily all the brass jets have numbers stamped into them to tell them apart. All the numbers are consistently larger on the secondary side EXCEPT for the main air bleed. That doesn't seem right. Am I right in my thinking here? Does anyone know the specs or where I can find them, please?