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07 February 2018 - 07:55 AM

This is great thread! Had fun reading through your adventures. I just went through a similar situation, but with 2 B210 coupes. I'm in Cali so they are in much better condition, and one has been sitting in a backyard since 1976. WA weather is brutal on cars. Nice work saving what you could!

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05 February 2018 - 08:21 PM

I went to DMV today & got the title on the '77 transferred over into my name. It's on a non-op and it doesn't expire til 10/22/2018. I was going to try to get the title for the '74, but the lady said it's not even in their system. Woo hoo!! She gave me a form & said I just need to bring it in for them to inspect it (basically just check the vin # & stuff) then after that would just create a brand new registration for it. She also said if I knew anyone in law enforcement they could just take a look at it & sign off on it. I'm not going to do anything with it. Don't need to. Just going to sell them both as a package deal for $3500. And let whoever buys it & fixes it up register it however they want. Honestly, I just bought the cars to swap parts off of & then get the other one running and sell it. I got laid off my job & was looking to make some cash piecing them out. If things were different for me I would love to fix them up myself, but I'm not in that situation currently. However, I've seen the error of my ways & now want these cars to live on. As they should! Ok, so now who wants to buy them??? You guys get first dibs, since you helped me come to this conclusion. These cars will be super clean & ready to start building on as soon as you get them in your hands. I will keep posting pics of the progress over the next few days, but seriously start thinking about if you might want them. They truly are Datsun gold!

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03 February 2018 - 10:58 PM

In Topic: B210 Coupe Score of the Decade!

03 February 2018 - 10:53 PM

Okay, here is the pics from today.  It's the '77.  She was awful dirty, but she cleaned up real nice. Almost no rust anywhere, and the little bit that is present is just surface.  Nothing goes through or is thin.  It definitely needs some love.  It's musty as hell inside.  Apparently, according to the tags, it hasn't been on the road since 1989. It's only had one driver, the original owner, a woman.  Looks like she got into a little fender bender, and then sold it, as a lot of folks do that bought them new. This one was originally sold and lived right here in Sacramento.  Pretty cool!  It only has 89,058 original miles on it. She bought it in 1977, and sold it to the old guy in May of '85. The old guy's wife said they never drove it.  I wonder why? She did say they own quite a few properties, and had cars all over all their properties. The old guy was a car hoarder.  But like I mentioned before he was a body guy. I think that's why the fenders are all missing.  I think he took them off and repaired them straight away cuz they were easier, and then stored them in a huge backyard garage, that is apparently so full of stuff, you can't even walk in there. I told her if she finds ANY Datsun parts at all to let me know.  I'm really crossing my fingers that those fenders are in there and maybe even the seats and headlilner from the '74. Now let's get to those pics.  :)













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03 February 2018 - 07:48 PM

If you have the title the 74 is much more valuable in California as it is SMOG exempt.

I did some more thinking on this & I think I'm going to get the title on the '74 after all. Who am I to deny someone else of a great project car. I think I'm going to continue to clean up both cars & then sell them. Posting more pics from today's mission. Check 'em out.