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Short 510 front springs

08 July 2017 - 07:44 PM

After years of procrastination, I finally got 280ZX struts and brakes on the front of my '72 510. I would have been happy to go with cut stock springs but I'd done a trade for some after market springs so felt compelled to try them. They are a LOT shorter than stock 510 springs - 15" tall for stock and 9 1/4" for the short ones. Diameter of the coils I measure as 0.461" for stock and 0.505 for the new ones.




Any idea what the approximate spring rate is? It would be nice to know when I'm reading other people's posts on their suspension setups.


When the struts were off the car and the split collars adjusted so the lower spring perch was about the same height above the spindle as the stock 510 perch, the short springs were slightly loose between the upper and lower spring perches. I've read of other guys having this condition but does it matter? When the struts are installed and weight of the car is on the spring they aren't loose anymore. Something about the loose spring doesn't seem quite proper but what do I know?


With this short of a spring, do I need bump steer spacers? I've driven it on the road but have really poor tires on the front so it is a bit hard to judge by the feel what is going on. With new tires I should have the alignment checked but maybe I should obviously have bump steer spacers before I do that and I suppose they affect the alignment.