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In Topic: I'm Definitely in the South Now

Yesterday, 07:58 PM

I ended up living in northern VA in the late 1970s. Being from Washington state, when I first saw Lee-Jackson Day on a calendar my eyebrows went up a bit. I'm mildly surprised it is still on the calendars but VA is noted for being really big on history. The joke is "How many Virginians does it take to change a light bulb?" -

"Three. One to change the bulb and two to talk about the glories of the departed bulb."


I liked living there except for the hideous humidity in the summer. I was living in a single-wide trailer with no air conditioning. I hope you fare better in your accommodations. I remember having tools rust even when kept indoors if they weren't oiled. The lightening bugs in the summer almost make up for the humidity - almost.


My wife and I met at the horse farm in VA where we were working. She was born and raised in Leesburg, VA. She has stuck with me all these years which still puzzles and amazes me. Her moving from a beautiful state like VA to desolate eastern WA is something I don't understand quite. I was born here so desolate is what I'm comfortable with. Too many trees make me nervous!



In Topic: 1979 stock single barrel hitachi carburetor rebuild

12 January 2018 - 06:08 PM

Be aware here are two little steel check balls - one under the accelerator pump and the second under a brass plug near the accelerator pump (carb top must be off to see this plug). If you aren't watching for these when you tear down the carb, either can escape into the world and you may not ever know they were in the carb. Then your accelerator pump won't work which is maddening.


Make sure your small venturis (I think that is the correct name. The round ring thingy on a stalk in the center of each of the carb barrels) are tight in the carb body. There were two version of these. One used screws from the top down into the carb body to hold the venturi assembly in place. The other used a single set screw through the side of the carb body to hold the venturi. I believe was a Cali smog carb but of course some of those may have escaped from Cali over the years. This style has been known to loosen up over time and cause problems. Hopefully you will have the screws-from-the-top version and have nothing to worry about.



In Topic: Can anyone give me 280ZX caliper & carrier weight?

25 December 2017 - 11:31 AM

I weighed a 280ZX front caliper from my pile of parts and got an approx. weight of 11 1/4 pounds with pads and a cut-off stub of brake hose but without any bracket. I'm kind of hazy on what sort of a bracket those have but I must have used it on my 510 when I swapped the ZX struts on. That weight gives you a starting point although I hope someone else posts weights so I know my kitchen scale is more or less accurate.


If the Cressida calipers and brackets are that much lighter it may well be worth going with them.



In Topic: A Series engine length?

17 December 2017 - 03:57 PM

I measured the length of the A14 in my '77 F10. Although this is a front wheel drive model and the engine is transverse, as far as I know it uses the same A-series as the older RWD cars.


Anyway, the length from the rear face of the block to the front pulleys is approx. 19 1/2" to 20". The F10 doesn't use fan blades mounted on the water pump, it has an electric fan on the radiator, so this length is about to the front of the water pump shaft. Fan blades would add some length. But you may be able to do something with a remote radiator and electric fan.










In Topic: How do I get to those motherf*cking nuts to get the g*d-d*mned motherf*cking...

01 November 2017 - 08:13 AM

And please let us know what size the carb nuts actually are. I checked the ones on my F10 (with A14 engine) and they are 10mm. L-series are 12mm (or all the ones I've worked on). But maybe some A-series engines used 12mm. I'm curious.


In my opinion doing the nuts on an A-series (at least a smog control version) are much worse than an L-series since there is less room for fingers.. And L-series are really miserable. My hope is I'll never again need to install a carb on an A-series.