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This page may help in rebuilding your dizzy: http://web.archive.o...0/Dizzy_FAQ.htm

Go down to "Disassembly" and there is a link over to another rebuild page.


"The screw that attaches the vacuum canister actuating rod only threads into the moveable advance plate, the special screw has a unthreaded end just sticks into the hole of the actuating rod." is important if you swap your vacuum advance. It was just dumb luck I noticed this special screw when I change my advance canister.



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12 March 2018 - 07:06 PM

Mike is Canadian. You have no excuse. 


I have a partial excuse. Although my dad was born in Missouri, when he was about 16 the family moved to Canada and he lived there until he was into his late 20s (then for some unknown reason most of them migrated to Spokane). So I may have a slight genetic imprint for being Canadian-like. Which I'm kind of proud of and explains some of my odder tendencies. :lol:



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11 March 2018 - 11:24 AM

Angle grinder with guard off and a cutting wheel. Pop the tire bead off the rim first and cut carefully.


Okay, that is great information. I thought of trying a cutoff wheel in my die grinder but it quit on me the last time I used it. My angle grinder is still working though. I have a hand bead breaker that takes care of that part of the operation. Last summer I tried to take a tire off a 14" steely with my hand tire irons and couldn't do it. I think I'm getting too weak to be messing with something like that. Even when I was younger and fighting a tire with hand irons I would think "Why am I doing this? The local garage has a machine for changing tires." I guess I enjoy the challenge or something.



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11 March 2018 - 10:18 AM







I pried one half off before realizing they are being scrapped so I cut them off.






Do you have a good method for cutting tires off of wheels? Seems the few times I've tried it I run afoul of steel cord and give up. Chop saw? Propane weed burner torch? Or something even more loud and dangerous? :lol:



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10 March 2018 - 10:15 AM

Sometimes the info is buried Len.


Rear disc brakes.

S10 '77-'79 200sx did not have them

S110 '80-'83 200sx did have them

S12 '84-'88 200sx did have them.


Okay, I think I got it now. So I can go back to feeling bad although the reality is if I'd grabbed that rear end it would be taking up space in my shed along with everything else I got off that SX. At least I know I didn't imagine seeing rear discs on it.