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In Topic: Should I buy this '73 620?

04 November 2017 - 02:50 PM

Hi all. New to the forum. I'm not a huge knowledgeable car guy, but I want to learn more and I've always loved Datsuns. I used to have a 78 620 unti it got totaled. I've had my eyes open ever since for one. I found one in my area for $1800. It's a 73. Body is in pretty good shape. I've already gone to check it out and drove it around and it felt fine but I realized there was a lot more I should have looked at on it. It has some funky wiring stuff, like for example when you start the truck, there is a red light on the dash that comes on that is pertaining to the alternator. After you rev the engine for a few seconds the light comes off and this means that the alternator has actuated. Other than that there isn't any other funky wiring stuff but I don't know why someone would wire the alternator up like that. The guy has had it for 5 years and the guy before him is the one who did that. Other than that the body is in decent shape, a little rust here and there but nothing major that I could see. Brand new wheels and tires but also comes with the stock wheels and hubcaps. The odometer says 89,000 but is it possible it could have started over? There are only 5 digits on the odometer. Looking for knowledgeable people to tell me if it's worth it or what else to look for. It won't be a daily driver, but it will get me to work a few times a week, etc. Here is the link:

I see a 1973 620 in real good shape in salt lake city, Utah, on ksl.com cars, for three K....nice/pretty paint, etc.  no idea on the condition, if anyone is looking, I can't afford it

right now