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KA24DE Issues/CEL codes

19 September 2017 - 05:03 AM

The KA24DE in my 620 was bogging and sputtering over 4k RPM's, so I ordered a new MAF from RockAuto and it fixed that problem...but it caused another couple of issues. Now when its cold it idles kinda rough until warm, frequently dies when warm at idle, and after running for about 10 mins, it totally bogs and hesitates until I shut it off and restart it.


I suppose I could replace the TPS and IACV, but I did not have these problems before replacing the MAF, so im not sure that will fix anything. The PO's electromotive fuel pump was stating to make so much noise I could really hear it in the truck so I replaced it last weekend with a GSL 293 and Wix. That did not fix anything (but it's nice and quiet now).


The other thing I dont understand is how do I pull the CEL codes off the ECU if I dont have a Check Engine light? I'd love to know what the codes are but dont know how.


Any help is appreciated.


Factory A/C Condenser

23 April 2017 - 04:23 PM

Im thinking my next project is to retrofit A/C...wish me luck. I have to mix and match parts to get it to work. I think I'm going to try the Vintage Air slim line heat/cool/defrost under dash unit in the cab and the KA24DE factory mount compressor, but the condenser is still an issue for me. 


Condenser question for those that know please - Did the A/C condenser that is in the parts manual mount in front of the bulkhead/core support or behind it sandwiched by radiator (Rad if you are Canadian) ?. Im golden if it mounted in front, but its a problem if it sandwiched the Rad, I dont have enough room from the front of the KA, I'd have to get a slimmer radiator. Oics always helpful. 






Ignition Switch Wiring

13 February 2017 - 08:01 PM

I have a pushbutton start kit I want to try and install.


Can anyone help translate the wiring colors at the switch to what each one does (Batt, start, Ign, Acc)??


I cant figure it out from these (and multiple other searches) and it would save me some time next weekend.


I'm looking for what each wire color at the switch does. Thanks.









Parking Brake Cable Clips

12 February 2017 - 06:48 AM

Does anyone know where I can get some of these







I found these at the Z store, they look similar...





thanks in advance.




280 ZX 15/16 Master Cyl

01 February 2017 - 06:23 AM

Does anyone remember Felix the Cat cartoon where the evil dude was a character  named "the Master Cylinder"???




Anyways...my next project is the brakes on the 620. I have 4 wheel disk but the PO left the 3/4" master cylinder in place with a questionable adjustable proportioning valve (with a gauge on it?!?!) for the rears. It's all covered in overspray so im down with replacing the whole thing. The problem is that the complete '79-81 ZX 15/16" master cylinder is made of unobtainium. No longer made, none on Rockauto. Google searches for Centric or Raybestos part numbers are mostly dead ends. Napa/ O'Reiley are dead ends too.


I think I have two options that I need opinions on. Silvermine motors has a 15/16 cylinder body with with no reservoirs and there are some on Rockauto.


Does anyone have a good lead on brand new reservoirs for this? Remember, mine is covered in overspray and I just want/strongly prefer new stuff. Rockauto does not list the reservoirs separately for the ZX, Maxima, 810 - so not sure how put this together. Even if I could clean the 620's reservoirs, im not sure they fit on the ZX cylinder body...


Or should I just go for the 1" wilwood set up? It's about the same price and it includes the reservoirs (but needs thread converters for the brake lines. I know it will make the pedal harder, but at this point it is much easier to get. Does anyone know if the Wilwood has residual valve already installed for rear discs?


As I mentioned before. im going to try to get the ebrake working and the PO removed all of the cables, So I now have all the required cables to fab up, as well as new rear calipers with the cable brackets that are currently missing.


Finally - any recommendations on brake fluid? I have one tin of ATE super blue, but I dont think it enough to do the whole truck and it's like 5 years old.

And in the "while you are at it" theory; should I replace the booster whilst everything is apart. Me think so...


Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!


(6 sets of cables and two calipers - thankfully the Isuzu cables are on clearance on rockauto and were less than $20)