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Yesterday, 02:51 PM

The Allison......

You used to be able to buy these cheap (military surplus), so they got stuck in everything...




From a very small BMW Isetta...




to large trucks...




And if one was good, then 4 is better, right ?



In Topic: Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

Yesterday, 02:14 PM

And the Infamous Novi V8 Indy engine. 

Run from early '40s, to 1965, and along the way killed several drivers due to the peaky power band.

Many later drivers refused to drive a car with this engine, as the boost from the Paxton blower would come on hard at high rpm, and break the tires loose.



In Topic: Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

Yesterday, 01:59 PM

As they say 'Period Correct'.


Buick Straight-8:



Not Period Correct !!

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Yesterday, 11:51 AM

Moved from Engine porn.






4 tuned Horex Regina engines (what ever a Horex Regina is)




48 cylinder Kawasaki



Steam power !



Powered by 24 chainsaws:


In Topic: 1974 620 Ultra Quiet Exhaust: Adapt 720? or?

Yesterday, 08:20 AM

Add a good thick layer of sound deadening, like DynaMat, to underside, doors, back of cab, and under the whole bed.

These trucks were not made to be as quiet as a Lexus while driving.

All that tin amplifies any noise made by the engine.


Either that, or remove the dirty, noisy internal combustion engine, and replace it with a Green Planet electric motor, then fill the bed with 1000 lbs of batteries.