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The hamster returns to the hospital.......

11 June 2017 - 10:23 PM

Saw it on drivetribe this morning when I opened the app as I do every day to check out what the gear head community is up to...

He's alive and ok....well...kinda, he will need to stay there for a while...

"DatLo" Ko's 620 KC build

04 March 2017 - 10:19 PM

This will be my second datto build, first on Ratsun forums....

77 KC with half L20b with valve marks on the pistons and a 4spd, drums all around, used to be a convertible....Or chopped roof project of some sort.....Done by 17 year olds that later decided it was more than they bargained for....So.....They slapped the roof back on and did a shitty job welding and tried to cover up their mess with bondo......lots and lots of it.....Other than that, she's in good shape, floorboards are solid and in one piece, a little bit of rust on passenger side but superficial, some rust on the exterior of the cab in rocker panels and some below the battery tray, nothing that can't be fixed, oh and the bed....Awesome shape, perfectly straight, hardly has any rust and is superficial, floor still has most of its original paint.

Truck is super low, so low you can't roll a soda can across from door to door LOL.

Direction of build:

-KA24 Carbureted 38/38 Weber.
-5 SPD.
-720 front discs.
-Discs on rear (if budget allows) or rebuild the stock drum setup.
-3.70 or 3.88 rear diff, also have access to 411. (Nothing in there now, it's empty) the wheels on there are 13s spokes rims that I want to keep so when the time comes I'll do the math to see what will work good with the KA 5spd.

Enough of that, here's the pics....




What fuel treatment do you use?

26 November 2016 - 11:43 AM

Interested in knowing what you like and results you're getting, this is what my old valves look like after 1,000 miles of today's gasolines...



If you touch the nastyness with your fingers its like tar, sticky and rough, basically this shit destroyed my valve guides.

The guy that rebuilt (Bob Drummond, he worked for Rebello for 30 some years building L series) my head recommended sta-bil to avoid ethanol destruction or run clear gas, but that's not easy to find in many areas.

This is what the gas looks like after sta-bil was added to my tank, reminds me of gas before ethanol used to look like...far right of pic is untreated....

So.....what do you use guys?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

24 November 2016 - 10:57 AM

May the digestive gods be with you and stay safe if you're traveling, I'm just about to leave Redding Ca and since i left LA yesterday it has been packed roads, safe travels if you're on the road!

Ok, took off head and now I've got concerns. L20b

09 October 2016 - 07:01 PM

Long story short, radiator leaked out most of the coolant by the time i arrived to an event, water temp read 235° on the guage when i shut her off, sensor is hooked up to the thermostat housing like the factory one, topped her off and fired right up, lost compression on #2, air bubbles on coolant....yeah obviously head gasket went, made the trip back home no problem other than using water, but made it home (131 miles).

Took her apart today and got few pics to show, maybe one of you can spot something im not seeing?



Lots of oil on intake valves #1 & #2 not as bad on #3 & #4, exhaust valve guides on #3 & #4 are starting to seap....



This is the only part of the head gasket that was not stuck onto the head, it was loose there right between cylinder #2 & #3...




The only cylinder that had traces of coolant in it was #2, but judging by how the exhaust port look, i suspect #3 was burning coolant as well. Fel-Pro head gasket kit arrived couple days ago, that's pure quality, i wish i would have got that when i built this thing, i used what came in the rebuild kit from summit racing.

Tomorrow im taking the head to get tested, if it survived I'm going to have it rebuilt, head is a W58 closed chamber, i love the torque and power on this is motor, even on 3 cylinder she pulled hard on the grades :thumbup: