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Yesterday, 05:09 AM

Last weekend I managed to squeak in enough shop time to make up all the manifold flanges out of 1/2" stainless steel plate.  Hopefully this weekend I'll have enough time to start laying out tubing.  It seems I'll never get a full day to just pound it out, as forecasted above???   Ughhh.   I'll be trading my wrenching skills for a friend's TIG welding skills once its assembled.  I get to tweak brakes on an A100 van while he melts stainless.  


In the mean time, because I have lots of time on my hands :confused: , I received a set of lower control arms from Jason Pope / Beebani and am converting the front to coil-over shocks so we can lower the truck a little further and hopefully have a little more room to get the exhaust out the back of the truck instead of out the front wheel well.  This would allow us to be street legal and use the truck for other events, as miserably loud as it might be to drive???  It may also provide an opportunity to "trim" one of the crossmembers for more ground clearance.  


Does anyone have any input on whether we should reinstall the front sway bar for stability, or do you think the coil-over shocks with 450 lb springs will limit suspension travel enough to feel stable at speed?   Ride height is set at 12" from hub center to front fender lip.  Its low.  

In Topic: Matchbox dizzy testing

24 May 2018 - 04:30 AM

They are particularly fussy about grounding, so make sure the distributor has a good ground to the engine, and the engine has a good ground to the chassis/battery.   Replace wiring/cables as needed.  You can crank the engine to test the distributor.  Look for 12+V at the coil + terminal, and a cycling 12/0/12/0/12/0V at the "-" coil terminal when cranking.   Its easier to see with an analog multi-meter.  You have to get the distributor up to about 200 rpm (cranking speed) to get a consistent test signal.  


If it doesn't function, the module is either not grounding OR the pickup isn't working.  I can diagnose the pickup by simply running it through a pulse amplifier on my Sun tester.  Or you can build one using an HEI module from a Chevy distributor.  There are plans online.  Basically the pickup wires to the small terminals, the larger terminals get power and coil - signal.  Ground goes to one of the screw holes on the end of the module that has the small terminals.  

In Topic: Gas/brake pedals

16 May 2018 - 04:49 AM

As long as you can pull the brake pedal far enough left so that you can get your foot on the brake or throttle without hitting both, then the clutch can stay where it is.  Ever think of just buying a more appropriate pair of driving shoes?  Boots or shoes with a wide sole are always going to be problematic for driving.   I used to use driving shoe sin my MG Magnette for the same reason, but later made the modification above - moved the brake pedal to the left - and it was resolved.  

In Topic: 620 Land Speed Record

16 May 2018 - 04:45 AM

We go faster!  Even if we hook up like we're on concrete,  we still need longer legs.  We were capped out at the 2 1/4 mile marker.  Even with a lack of traction, that's where we stopped accelerating.  


The problem wasn't washboard.  As heat rises through the day, moisture wicks up from the clay base into the salt.  (It evaporates in the cooler evenings).  Because the salt base is thin, the amount of water drawn up is huge - and even more influential.  It turns the salt into a slushy snow type of material.  Rutted, wet, greasy.  That's going to continue to happen, unless some miracle deposits a couple feet of salt on top of the clay, or the groundwater levels drop significantly.  Or both.  


The "unofficial" salt report that was released early, well, we all hope its true.  The truth is, it seriously contradicted itself and it was more of a reminder to get your pre-registration in before May 1st.  That saved a few of us $200, as time flies and I almost forgot to register.  Not really, but we cut it pretty close.  

In Topic: 620 Land Speed Record

14 May 2018 - 11:00 AM

Well, I haven't officially started on the manifold, but all the material are in the shop, all together in a pile, along with the various parts I need to get measuring.  I also have the old manifold removed from the truck.  Now I just need a few welding supplies I don't normally have around (stainless), and its off to the races!  


In the mean time, we made aluminum inner door panels, got new rear wheels and Dzus-fastened Mooneye hubcaps (dealing with screws was miserable!!!), the S10 diff is all set up, rear disc brakes are fitted, and hopefully Beebani comes through with lower control arms ASAP!!!  3-4 weeks and we could be on the dyno?  Probably pushing it with an exhaust rebuild on the table as well, but the ball is rolling once again...