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In Topic: Rebuilding my L20B

Today, 08:46 AM

I run 11:1 on pump gas, so 10:1 is not that big of a deal.  Then again I tune cars for a living.  Can you get and keep yours in tune?


 38/38 will have synchronous throttle plates, not progressive linkage opening 1 barrel at a time.  Its basically a vertical DCOE, almost.  Its a solid "middle ground" carb choice between a SUs and 2 DCOEs.  I rate a DGV almost as low as the stock carb.  

In Topic: Guidance and Updated l28e build

Today, 04:15 AM

I don't know much about those intakes, but I'm guessing the port size is the difference?  Port it out.  

In Topic: Guidance and Updated l28e build

28 April 2017 - 04:25 AM

Those are Hitachis.  The float bowls are different from SUs.  Either way you'll love them.  Try Paltech for a rebuild or parts.  http://www.paltech1.com/id10.html

In Topic: Adjustable cam gear in US???

28 April 2017 - 04:23 AM

The Kameari gear should arrive today.  BTW $167 with 2 day shipping from RHD Japan.  It took them 3 days for them to ship however, so 6 days total, ordered over the weekend.  

In Topic: 620 Land Speed Record

27 April 2017 - 11:20 AM

I just spent the last couple hours mapping out cam and events, using a new Cloyes chain, tensioners, and the 8-hole gear.  I found that holes "A" and "B" seem promising at 111, 114 intake centerline.  Given the cam numbers, which are not what I ordered nor what Schneider put on the cam card, 114 looks the best.  Lower duration, lower lift, lower power.  Sad.  Frustrating.  This won't let us set a record, unless we get everything else right.  It totally screws with the port work on the head too.  Its a $10,000 mistake as the whole trip out to Bonneville was relying on my cam numbers as part of the equation.  At this point there's no way to have a cam ground, heat treated, and set up for our head in time.  Roughly 100 days including assembly, valve shimming, dyno tuning, etc...   I guess we have a goal for next year.   :poop: