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In Topic: Who can identify this front suspension??

Today, 08:04 AM

Those may be Belltech drop spindles, which require those calipers.  

The control arms are (or were) readily available as replacements with ball joints installed, so it wouldn't be hard to assemble as-is.  

Looks like a legit setup!  Not far off from what I run in the race truck.  

In Topic: 620 Land Speed Record

Yesterday, 03:25 PM

So Mike, I called my transmission guy today (owns a TSI transmission shop) and he was concerned that the ZX input shaft won't mesh with the 720 trans.  Is this a possibility due to gear count?  It looks like there may be a few 720 transmissions available locally - one as cheap as $65.  Hopefully at least one of them is a mid-ratio?  Will know soon.  

In Topic: 620 Land Speed Record

Yesterday, 09:05 AM

I don't think the Jeep guys want the gear ratios i'm after - so it may be easier to find them.  There's a local place that makes a LOT of off-road Jeep parts and they constantly have a Craigslist ad for oddballs.  

What's the width difference between a stock 620 and the Wagoneer though?  I don't have much room to spare.  I could stand to go a little narrower.  

In Topic: 620 Land Speed Record

Yesterday, 05:31 AM

A progressively tighter gear spacing working toward 4th gear would be ideal.  We spend progressively more time in each gear now, and it would be ideal for 3-4 to be a very short jump.  The 720 mid-ratio trans with ZX inputs seem to be a pretty ideal spacing for this style racing.  Likely no good for any other racing, but for LSR it seems ideal.  

In Topic: 620 Land Speed Record

20 August 2017 - 11:08 AM

Sorry Rat - we spent as much time as we could over on the rookie course or the short course.  We got in 11 runs overall, if I'm counting correctly.