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#1481432 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 19 April 2017 - 07:37 PM

I'll have it out at the Texas Motor Speedway all next week. Should be a fun time, I'll try and grab some pics while I'm there. The Pate Swap Meet is a great show, not too many Datsun parts, but they do show up. :)



P.S. Next project is already in the works, and it's not a bike...  :w00t:

#1478315 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 07 April 2017 - 07:42 PM

Here she is!














This restoration was probably my favorite build yet. I had a vision when I started tearing it down, and I was able to achieve that goal. Can't ask for more than that!

Everything works, all new wiring, all new fuel system, and quite the large list of minor fixes and refinements from the original build 15+yrs ago. 


I was going through some super old pics, and found a photo from 2002 when my buddy Tony first built this bike:


Then, it got painted green and was sold to me about 10yrs ago. 



Now, in it's third incarnation, I really feel like it's found it's voice:




It took me 47 days, and was one of the most fun builds I've done so far. Thanks for stopping in, and I'll definitely be updating y'all with any future projects. :)


#1477119 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 03 April 2017 - 06:42 PM

Here we go!


Indian Decals are installed and looking good!






Here you can see the 1940's microphone that I converted into my new air-cleaner housing!



It's getting really close to being done!!!








Fuel system checked out fine, even started it up to set the idle and make sure the kill-switch works. Next up is installing the rear drive belt and chain, that and modify the brake pedal to work with the new pedal pads. So I'm shooting for having it running this weekend! :D



#1476716 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 02 April 2017 - 04:20 PM

I got back at the wiring debacle today. Sourced the starter issue to a bad ground, fixed a bad headlight switch, and got the rear brake-light operational!




All wired up, harness is tied into place, and everything works!






Tomorrow I'll be testing the fuel system and making sure the tanks are good to go before applying the decals. Everything is looking good!



#1476327 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 01 April 2017 - 12:00 PM

I'm glad to share the build with y'all. I got the bike fully wired up yesterday. No major issues, all the lights and ignition switch work, but I think my new starter button is garbage. Won't engage the starter motor. My brain is fried at the moment, so I'm taking the weekend off. Things look good for Monday though!


#1475828 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 30 March 2017 - 07:51 PM

Big Update


Got the frame assembled on the bench first. Rear fender installed for wiring the brake light.



Started laying out all the new wires. I eliminated a lot of redundant systems and have streamlined the layout of the loom.



Had to toss the seat on and see how it looks. So cool!



Got the frame down onto jackstands for stage 2 of assembly. Got the Speed King foot pads mounted after getting polished.





Front fender and forks assembled finally! Lookin sharp!



Installed the engine and exhaust system. 









Tomorrow I'll get all the wiring installed and start doing a systems check. Also might get the fuel system installed. I'm waiting on the tank decals, those should be done tomorrow or next week. 


It's getting really close to being able to fire up!


#1475180 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 28 March 2017 - 08:23 PM

Haven't posted in a bit, but I've been busy. So here's some updates.


Got all the painted parts polished and mostly assembled. Here's the front fender:



Back fender:





Got the frame painted and positioned on the bench, I am going to do the wiring layout now, and then take it apart again before doing final assembly on the ground as a rolling chassis.



Motor mocked in so I can design the new wiring harness




I wrapped the exhaust system this week as well. Now just painting all the little parts, I'm still waiting on some final machine work on my Aluminum Foot Pads, then I can get those mounted and actual start piecing this together.


I'll be working on wiring tomorrow and Thursday, I'll post some photos as I go. 


#1472212 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 18 March 2017 - 04:58 PM

Didn't work on the bike too much today, but here's what I did get accomplished.


New foot pads! Vintage Ludwig Speed-King drum kick-pedals.



Still working out mounting methods, but they'll be awesome all polished out!



Working on repairs to the cracks in the right side tank, and realized the fork tube rubs on it when turned full right, probably what caused the crack.





Fenders are now fully painted and cleared. I'll do some finish sanding/polishing to remove the orange peel...





Gas tank is fully sealed, looks awesome on the inside. Now after final fitment testing, it'll get painted in a nice Chassis Black.



Tomorrow is probably the day for full disassembly to a bare frame and I'll start media blasting and then finish welding all the tack-welded pieces. I can't wait to have everything all painted and going back together!


#1471972 Project Binky - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

Posted by petercscherer on 17 March 2017 - 06:35 PM

Ah... So good. The number of sexual innuendos is increasing, and that's fine with me.

#1471961 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 17 March 2017 - 05:28 PM

LoL, my mistake; I meant April 24th... :)

#1471658 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 16 March 2017 - 07:37 PM

This project looks like so much fun!

Oh yeah, it's a blast. Already has all the hard stuff engineered and operation, so I'm just messing with cosmetic and ergonomic improvements! I've got a small delay until next week for some more parts, but I'm pretty confident it'll make my April 224th Deadline. :)


#1471648 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 16 March 2017 - 07:14 PM

Made some messy progress today. Wrapped up all the tack welding and fabrication. Decided to move on to disassembly and painting. 

Took the engine out and stripped it down for paint:





First painted Semi-Gloss High Temp, and then the head is painted in Cast Aluminum High Temp:



Also got the frame torn down to the bare minimum to roll it around, and started doing some finish welding and messing around:



Here's the rear fender after a basecoat. Still needs to get sanded further and then finished, but I was hoping the color would show up. Sadly, my phone camera keeps turning the paint too Red. It's really a true Cranberry color with a lot of awesome Purple and Pink hues... I'll see about a different camera once it's all done...



Here's the next big effort, large cracks in the filler on the right tank cover. I'm still sanding down trying to get through them, but it's gonna take some time.



Tomorrow I'll be polishing out the Left side tank, and working on other paint stuff, nothing too complex.




P.S. Photobucket screwed up their app and website last night, so getting these pics on here was a total pain in the rear... Can't wait for them to fix that problem.



#1471364 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 15 March 2017 - 07:07 PM

I changed the name of this thread to reflect the new direction of the bike. I'm getting custom decals designed and scaled down to fit the small tanks on this bike based on the original Indian Motorcycle logo. Here's a rough draft of what will be on the bike:



In other news, I got the muffler mount made, and whipped up some rear fender braces:





They're permanently welded to the frame, and will get painted Black to contrast with the body color. They're kind of an early-60's mod, but I think they'll be sweet on this WW2 era build as well...


Also got a new kickstand tacked in place:



I'll remove the old kickstand tab and spring assembly when I tear the frame down for final finish and painting.


Decided on a paint color: Cranberry! I've been doing a lot of Burgandies and Maroons recently, so this is a different flare, and should look epic with those tank decals:


That's just a primer coat to do some finish sanding on. I prefer to use the basecoat as a primer when I can so the color tones won't change too much.


Here, you can see how the rear fender braces work with the seat and exhaust:



In other news, got the tank fully cleaned and have some sealant drying in it overnight. Once I verify final fitment, I can tear the remainder of the bike down and start finish welding and prepping for paint. I'm going to do the frame and such first, so I can have something to work on while the tank covers and fenders are curing and being polished.



#1471004 Datsun 620 Sleeper Platforms?

Posted by petercscherer on 14 March 2017 - 06:10 PM

Nothing exactly in a 620, but I've seen stuff like this online:




Obviously, due to the size of the Datsun bed, your options will be scaled down from these full-size examples.


#1470976 3/4 Scale Indian Hardtail

Posted by petercscherer on 14 March 2017 - 05:14 PM

Alrighty, back from Florida and hitting this project at 100%!!!


New muffler is here:


Flows with the frame very well and should be relatively quiet...



Finished the gas tank fabrication. I didn't plan it this way, but it holds EXACTLY 1 gallon of fuel!!!!! LMAO...



Not pretty, but once it's finished smoother and painted black it will be fine...


There's a few new things in the pic below. Firstly, I realized that there was lots of room on the upper left corner of the engine cover, so I drilled and mounted my new ignition switch there. Secondly, I installed the rear-brake switch, and also mocked up the new 13" wide Leather Solo Seat. 



Oh, and I converted what used to be just the lead-acid battery box, to be able to hold a new Lithium Ion 4-cell battery, and all the wiring fuses and starter solenoid.



Then, after getting the angle and spacing just right, tack welded the new seat mounts in place!






My dad's about 185lbs and can comfortably bounce on the seat and not bottom out or hit the fender like the old one used to.


So yeah, here's where I'm at tonight:



Tomorrow, I'll be getting that new muffler mounted, working on rear fender supports, and perhaps start on some further disassembly.


I have the wiring all planned out, it'll be cloth-wrapped old-school wires, hidden as much as possible, and as simple as we can. One note I'll make, the welds you see in the current pics will be cleaned up and finished out later, this is just to get everything assembled so we know it works and looks right. 



Thanks for stopping by!