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In Topic: '62 Falcon Econoline

07 December 2017 - 06:21 AM

Trust me, you DO NOT want me trying to take/post pictures on... well, anywhere!  All I'm good for is finding a similar thing on the googles and linking a picture.  For example, this is the phone I use.  Pictures are not its strong suit!



Aaaand, I just realized that was NOT the part you were bustin' my balls over.

That's the same phone my dad had... 6 years ago!  :rofl:  

Great work so far, looking forward to the finished result!


In Topic: 1995 Nissan Hardbody 2wd Build

05 December 2017 - 12:46 PM

In regards to my plan for aftermarket wheels, I ran into issues with them rubbing on the control arms and radius rods; that, coupled with a few other ideas, means it's stuck with the stock wheels at the moment. I am shopping around for suspension upgrades and I've been chatting with Beebani about some stuff. :)


Next step is some interior upgrades. Might be a few weeks before any progress though.


In Topic: 1995 Nissan Hardbody 2wd Build

05 December 2017 - 12:44 PM

Pacesetter used to make a header that fit decently. I put one on a 97 model in my back yard and it even had a bung for the 02 sensor.

I got it from an off road website based in Florida although I can't remember the exact name

Yeah, I've decided to go that route. Though I'm looking at Stainless headers and then do a full Stainless Exhaust all the way back. I figure it'll give me some good experience with my TIG. 

In Topic: 1995 Nissan Hardbody 2wd Build

01 December 2017 - 10:15 AM

Damn fine looking truck :cool:

Thanks man! New Wheels getting installed tomorrow. Also planning a Steering Wheel swap this weekend too! Big updates inbound. Minitruck-Mode engaged!

In Topic: 1995 Nissan Hardbody 2wd Build

25 November 2017 - 06:03 PM

Geez, it's been over a year since I updated this thread... Well, time for an update. This summer I ran into continued problems with the engine on this truck, and wound up replacing it with a rebuilt KA24E and just throwing the old one away. Seems that before I bought it, the truck got water in the engine/trans and that kinda ruined everything... Transmissions was overfull with watery oil. Not fun. So after spending a metric crap-ton of money, I finally have a reliable truck with decent power. I'm still tempted to try a header and better flowing exhaust, but I'm afraid I'll muck up the O2 sensor. :/


Anyways, here's how it sits now:


I'm selling my blue 1985 Toyota MR2, partially to fund new projects, partially so I can buy a TIG welder. So this truck will be back in the shop in the next few months for a proper interior and stereo upgrade. Might get around to finding some wheels too.  :devil: