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Posted by That4doorKiD on 26 April 2018 - 04:27 PM

Ok, I know I’ve busted your balls more than once, but I’m going to give you two good pieces of advice.
First and foremost, ditch the bondo brand filler, it’s absolute shit. You can get evercoat z grip for about $35/gal on ebay if you shop around. Also, when applying filler, push fairly hard so it’s almost even with the finished height you’re looking for. If you use z grip, you can start shaping it when it’s the texture of velveeta cheese product, it makes life way easier.

Second, if you haven’t won the heart of your desire back yet, don’t try too hard. If you try to hard, women think they own you and you’re their bitch. Quiet confidence is the key. Trust that, I won over my girlfriend that way about sixteen years ago, we just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.

Good luck on the build and keep oics coming.

Yeah I've been researching a lot, I know exactly what you're talking about spreading the first layer firmly.


Forget the girl, once they leave, they for the most part have written you off.


Focus on the school.

With a good education, you make good money.

Money, and a steady income attracts girls like a rare earth magnet attracts steel shavings.



I meant my car:rofl:  She's my baby. ​I just ended our relationship with my last girlfriend as a matter of fact cause I wanted more time to do the things I need(my car).

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 26 April 2018 - 12:23 PM

​First round of filler, just to cover up the holes I welded and grinded.





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Posted by That4doorKiD on 26 April 2018 - 12:18 PM

So here comes the return, I'm focused on school and getting my girl back. 


Going for a wire tuck and freshened engine bay harness. Plugs were bought from vintage connections, and wire is all 14-16 gauge.




Since I had to pull the drivetrain, it was finally time to start the clean looking bay I wanted. Everything's done by me at home, not perfect, but it's all going to be perfectly imperfect.





So the battery tray delete was a little messy. Before I knew it the seam and drilled spots welds were 2 inches wide. I should've welded up the seam with a copper background.


I cut out a big patch I could make just patch up with a plate. Bent, hammered, and more hammering using the tree branch contour.






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Posted by That4doorKiD on 22 August 2017 - 07:54 PM

Hopefully I'll have more than I'll ever need to finish my car soon if all goes well.

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 21 August 2017 - 10:59 PM

Sold my pistons. I have to sacrifice this project for an opportunity I'm giving myself.

Hopefully I can return to my car during Christmas the soonest or maybe next year :( I miss my car so much already just hearing the low timing backfire all the left over gas :((( , my subwoofers, and how awesome it is! Damn this thing was my life. I literally feel incomplete. I think about my 510 every single day and dream about my plans that are ahead.

Tribute to my 510!

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 12 August 2017 - 01:48 PM

 I'm saying most of the time you are not boosting on the street because there is no need to. We are simply driving.The only time would possibly be accelerating from a stop and as there is likely traffic, you are not doing that much or for long, or pulling out out on the highway but there you are most likely quickly cruising at or near the speed limit. So what's left? Start your car and leave the driveway, drive out of suburbs and into town, speed limits, stop and go traffic, idling, parking lots. So just how much time was actually boosting, pouring on the coal, fat to the mat, heel to the steel, stretch it's legs?? Not a lot because almost all the time there's no room, opportunity or need to.


Now if you have a low compression engine it will be under powered below 3K right where you need it in traffic to get your car moving from a stop and up to speed. A normal compression or even higher will have more zip and be more fun to drive in traffic. Now if purpose built for hill climbing, track or drag racing where the revs are always above 3K a low compression high boost engine might make more sense.  


I don't know what the point of this debate is anymore, honestly. 


I would daily my 510 16 miles to work, most of the drive on the freeway. I'm pretty sure I would be "boosting" most of the commute. 


I never said I wanted a low compression motor, go back to the PM's and read what compression would give out from L20b rods and 32mm Flatop SR pistons. Just going by your advice. You said 8.55

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 28 July 2017 - 01:00 PM

Don't toss the dogleg if you remove it!


I'd take it, if you weren't so far away.

second time it has broken hehe




Anyone know if I can use Sr20 rods in an l20b? I need forged pistons and gonna buy SR20 pistons if they can fit. 


My L20b is .030 over, I'm willing to pay the shop again to go over to 86mm. I read somewhere on the 510 realm that sr20 rods are the same height as L20b rods. But are the bottom large ends the same. 


Also read about this guys L20b rod combo with SR pistons but I don't know the details or much about [pin height]


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Posted by That4doorKiD on 26 July 2017 - 11:20 PM

The first time I ever felt a clutch slip too! On take off 1st and 2nd gear. So much power boost can put! 

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 26 July 2017 - 11:18 PM

Nope never would give up B)  But my dogleg 5 speed did ! I went to a car meet a few weeks ago and was driving aggressively all night with a little racing here and there hehe, did my last burnout under a freeway tunnel and my freakin' tranny blew!


Need money to go EFI and replace the whole drivetrain now !


Parts List and Mods to go:


ARP l20b rod bolts

ARP l20b Main Studs

Stock Pistons .030 over

Gasket Kit

EFI Manifold


Header Flange - make another manifold to clear for exhaust/EFI too

Megasquirt 2 or 3 


3 inch mandrel exhaust

stage 2 clutch

5 speed tranny 


Planning to do everything on the list myself. I really want to make this thing reliable and to daily. Can't wait til I tune it and add 2 step and the antilag :devil: !!! 


I might hold off on the EFI because of how expensive it will be. If I don't get any offers when I put on CL or eBay I'll know. Then, I will keep my carb set up and clean up with a bigger fuel pump, lines, intercooler+piping and radiator, just make the carb set up very reliable.


On top of that I'll have a freshly rebuilt L-20b. I have alot of parts to sell, and also was thinking of just doing SR20 pistons with a .040 bore since the block is still at the shop. But they already finished the work. I literally have to pick it up for my last 20$ deposit lmao.


Still need to weld and put together my 280zx struts :crying:

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 24 July 2017 - 12:36 AM

Turbo set up for sale 600$
Manifold, fuel pump, carb fuel pr, turbo, and weber. Basically all you need. PM me

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 22 June 2017 - 12:20 PM

Bolts for mounting to the head are in the way of the injectors. L28 intakes solve this but a lot of work cutting out the middle two cylinders and welding it back together. If you make your own intake you can put a single bolt hole between the injectors  for mounting it. Any throttle body will do.





Maybe these can be of help to you, if you haven't already seen them.






Both of these ideas look really great. I will see the cost of machine work to get injector ports done, and figure out a way to make the center bolt hole on each side.

The single point injection looks super budget friendly and was thinking about that exact idea but, I'm afraid it won't be as accurate as MPI to tune with boost.

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 21 June 2017 - 12:15 PM

I need help to go EFI guys!


Due to the better capabilities of EFI, I'm looking to move forward with it!  I was thinking of ITBs injection and make a plenum for them to push boost through. ITB/plenum combo what I'm thinking because I need to work around the turbo, it would be in the way of the standard position people set up their throttle body




I have an L-20b in the shop right now getting bored to 2.3L i think it was .040" or 1mm? but crank getting turned also and oil ports enlarged. Fresh stock block with ARP studs will hold up for some nice power.

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 13 June 2017 - 01:58 PM

You are asking for it at 14afr even at 5 lbs. Try to get it in at least low 12 afr. High 11 would be perfect. Also a 2 pt afr swing isn't good, even carbs shouldn't do that. You either still have a leak somewhere or you need a bigger main jet. Your transition to boost from vacuum sounds good though!

My set up is not finished yet hehe just my starting point for now.


I don't have my boost referenced power valve on yet which helps alot. I'm getting it all dialed in very soon, tuning and cleaning up my set up. Boost leaks on the carb hat and vacuum lines n :crying:

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 13 June 2017 - 01:52 PM

I love it dude, lol, keep pushing forward and now that you made this work, improve on it by making upgrades as you go  :thumbup:


No, This kid is a great example of perseverance, I have new found hope on millennials....keep at it, kid :thumbup:


Thanks :thumbup: ! And yeah there was times I was not as excited as I first was, but little by little  it's finally running!

Holy Blair Witch Project!!! Hold that fucking camera still.



So glad you got back to us on this. Figured you blew it up the first night and left.

 Driving stick one handed, go figure hehehehe


I smiled throughout the whole video lol.

Good job!!

Thanks, good to hear you feel my excitement :thumbup:


The true test will be longevity, but it looks like after a bit of tuning you'll get it dialed in. Also, is the wide band sensor mounted 3 inches from atmosphere? I'm assuming that's just temporary.

Everything temporary for now!! Once I'm done rebuilding this L-20b on the side imma blow this L-16 with 10 psi see how long it lasts

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Posted by That4doorKiD on 12 June 2017 - 03:03 AM

Please no negative energy, gotta take a break from this forum sometimes.


Subscribe TO MY CHANNEL GUYS THANKS and i'm not that ugly when my hair is combed :rofl:


Btw this thing rips holy hell! Feels so good, and i'm not even going full throttle in most of the video except when I turn the corner after the scion. External wastegate is SOOOOO awesome :devil: .