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In Topic: So what's YOUR take on it?

Yesterday, 10:24 PM

You brought back some memories there racerx. Two of my buddies and I once lifted the ass end of an eg civic hatch and faced it the wrong way and parked too far out in the road. It belonged to a friend of my buddie’s big brother, dude was a dick so we got him a parking ticket.

In Topic: So what's YOUR take on it?

Yesterday, 06:30 PM

Give it time, they’ll fuck it up like always. Remember when monster garage was decent, contestants had to stay under budget or loose the prize? By season two every episode was packed with “freebies” in excess of the “budget”.

In Topic: “Bluey”-a father daughter project 510

Yesterday, 01:21 PM

Update: I’m pretty lucky, I just talked to James and he still has some of the blue used on my car. After I fix the damaged area, he said I should be able to thin the paint and roll it on over the fixed area. Good news indeed.

In Topic: “Bluey”-a father daughter project 510

Yesterday, 12:34 PM

I had two fuckups, one of which was easily fixed. First one, not easily fixed, I picked up my floor jack from my Pops place the other day, the first right hand turn I went around...this happened...

The jack hit the inside and cracked the filler...looks like my freshly painted car is going to need bodywork and paint...#cuzbutthurtandfml

The second one was easily fixed and made the car start better. My two door had a push button starter setup by the time I wired in the gm hei module, so no hot on start wire was needed. I wired bluey off of oics I took of the two door’s setup, so it didn’t have a hot on start wire hooked up. Since I recently installed a hot start relay, I thought I’d tap the wire that fed direct power from the battery to the starter solenoid...ha fucking ha. I got in and went to start the car, obviously the coil is hot on run and backfed power to the starter. I didn’t have time to do anything at the moment but cut the wire, glad it was in a decent spot. While I was out, my brain remembered I had a bunch of diodes left from my alarm/rke install on my crown vic. Two diodes bridging the cut wire, and now the car starts way easier.

In Topic: Super Rare! Impossible to Find Parts! A Cony Van! Help!!...

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

I read on a mini forum that they’re using some parts from quaife and some fabrication to achieve reverse. One guy used honda goldwing trike parts as they’re equipped with reverse. Hell, the newer goldwing v6 would be insane in that little ride.